Aspose.Grid .Net New Release Release Notes

Dear Customers,

We have release Aspose.Grid v1.5!

Aspose.Grid is your total grid solution. Aspose.Grid comes packaged with two different GUI .NET components: one to support desktop applications(Aspose.Grid.Desktop ) and another to support web applications(Aspose.Grid.Web ). Both versions are equally matched in order to make implementing in either platform a snap. Aspose.Grid provides the ability to import from and export to Excel® spreadsheets. Doing so means that anyone familiar with Excel (even end-users) can design the look and feel of a grid. Aspose.Grid also offers an easy to use, feature-rich API which provides developers with complete control over the look, feel and behavior of their grid. And most importantly Aspose.Grid is priced to suit your budget. Nowhere else will you find a component as feature-rich, easy to use and as well priced as Aspose.Grid.

General Features

  • Provides components for both desktop and web applications Provides support for importing from and exporting to Excel spreadsheets Provides an easy to use, feature-rich API for complete control of the look, feel and behavior of the grid. Provides easy to apply skins Provides extensive support for formulas Provides support for multiple pages Provides support for a large array of cell types Provides support for both edit and view modes Provides support for hiding and unhiding of rows and columns Provides easy, full featured examples in both C# and VB.NET

and many, many more…

  • Aspose.Grid.Web is an upgrade of Aspose.Excel.Web