Aspose.Grid .Net Hot Fix Release Notes

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Grid.Web v1.5.1!

In this new fix, we make the following enhancements and fixes:

Aspose.Grid.Desktop:Optimize performance and memory usageSupport Row, column stylesFixed: Scrollbar value bug when freezing rows or columnsFixed: Hyperlink, comment, picture index are not updated when inserting, deleting row or column

Aspose.Grid.Web:Change the control’s class name from “ExcelWeb” to “GridWeb”.Support hiding header barSupport hiding scroll barSupport relative path for client side usage files.Support cell/table background image style.Support save/load Aspose defined binary file(AGWF-Aspose Grid Web Format).Added new property “AGWClientPath”, you can use this property set the  path for client side usage files(scripts, images, etc.).Fixed color bug when exporting to excel files.Fixed default font bug.