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Aspose.Grid .Net New Release Release Notes

Dear Customers,We have just released Aspose.Grid 1.9!Aspose.Grid.Web 1.91.New formula engine, lifts the performance of calculation for more than 20x than the old one.2.Provides a new interface that enables users define their own formula functions. Please see the API document about WebWorksheets.RegisterCustomFunctionHandler for details.3.Two new server event:RowDeleting, ColumnDeleting4.New client-side functions: getCellValue, setCellValue, getActiveRow, getActiveColumn, setActiveCell, getActiveCell, setActiveCellByCell, getCell, getCellRow, getCellColumn, getCellValueByCell and setCellValueByCell5.New client-side events:onSubmit, onError, onSelectCell, onUnselectCell, onDoubleClickCell, onCellError, onCellUpdated6.Includes Full Featured Demo that shows the usage of the client-side functions and events.7.Supports multiple rows selecting.8.Supports keyboard selecting by holding the shift-key and pressing the arrow keys.9.Supports create hints in the row and column headers.10.Supports paste a string to multiple cells.11.Supports datetime calculation. You may add days in a number to a date type value, or subtract a date value from another date value to get the duration in days between the two date value.12.Fixed a problem. When you set a cell’s NumberType to Text, the input string will not be parsed to any other value type and remains to be string type.