Aspose.Grid V2.0.0.0 New Release Release Notes

Dear Customers, We have just released Aspose.Grid 2.0.0!

What’s New? Aspose.Grid.Web1. GridWeb is now compiled under both 1.0 and 2.0 frameworks.2. Fully supports .NET 2.0 framework.3. Supports .NET 2.0 MEDIUM TRUST LEVEL.4. Supports .NET 2.0 DataSourceControl Binding.5. New Client Api Method resizeColumnToFit.6. Supports Windows Vista.

Aspose.Grid.Desktop1. New property GridCell.Protected, indicates if the cell is protected. If the value is “true”, user can not modify the cell through the user interface.2. New property ComboBox.IsInputable, indicates if the user can input text to the combobox. The inputted text will be saved as the cell’s value.3. New event Desktop.CommentDataChanged, occurs when the comment data has changed..4. New property Validation.CustomMsgForStopEdit, enables the user gets or sets the custom message to show when user enters invalid value.5. New method Worksheet.SetFirstVisibleColumn()/SetFirstVisibleRow() enables the user to set the first visible column/row index of sheet view.6. New method Worksheet.GetFirstVisiableColumn()/GetFirstVisiableRow() enables the user to get the first visible column/row index of sheet view.7. New method Worksheet. AddSelectedRange() enables the user to add new selected range to the worksheet..8. New property Worksheet.ShowGridlines, enables the user to show/hide the gridlines.

What’s Improved? Aspose.Grid.Web1. Improved XHTML Support.2. Improved Sorting. Null Cells will always stay at the rear.3. Improved Copy/Paste.

What’s Fixed? Aspose.Grid.Web1. Fixed the bug of AutoFilter buttons will not be repositioned after AutoFit a column.2. Fixed a bug of Excel Exporting.3. Fixed a bug of Can’t get the Cell object of a Commmand Type Hyperlink when in XhtmlMode. 4. Fixed the bug of AJAX auto updating doesn’t work in a form using Master Page.

Aspose.Grid.Desktop1. Fixed a bug of comment display.2. Fixed an input issue: In the previous version, in some special condition, press enter key in an editing cell will clean the cell’s content.