Aspose.Cells for .Net V4.7.0 New Release Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET 4.7.0!

What’s changed:

  • Supports directly converting Excel files to PDF. Supports Gridline option of the page setup setting while printing worksheet. Supports to insert a WAV file as Ole object. Supports R/W checkboxes in Excel 2007 files. Supports to use anonymous types or custom object as data source in Smart marker Supports to set display zero value option. Supports to union and intersect two ranges. Supports preserving data after saving the workbook. Supports the option to inserting blank rows in pivot table or not. Enhances the calculate engine and supports more functions. 45 fixes and enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells 4.7.0

Issue IDComponentSummary
7341Chart2ImageRed tick labels bug
6946Chart2ImageMedian Lines lost on Scatter Charts
6968Chart2ImageNumberFormatLinked property of the chart CategoryAxis
6941Text FilePerformance enhancement when opening TAB DELIMITED FILE
7340PdfProblem with converting some excel files to Pdf
7507PdfAn xls2pdf bug
7652PdfWorkbook.Save is throwing error
7447PdfErrors saving Workbook to PDF
6944PivotTableAutoSortField does not effect.
6900SpreadMLException is thrown in exporting to SpreadML
6865XLSConverts the time string value to DateTime
6867XLSThe Smart Marker is same as [table].[column]
7007XLSFormulas with named ranges
7016XLSExclamation in the worksheet name causes an error in formulas
7063XLSSaving Workbook Error
7084XLSInserting a formula issue
7121XLSAutoFitRow not making rows big enough with wrap text on
7201XLSConditional formatting
7335XLSAutoFitColumns doesn’t work
7336XLSMoving a Shape
7337XLSArgumentOutOfRange exception while extracting pictures
7338XLSThe issue of the last cell
7346XLSSystem.NullReferenceException with SheetToImage
7366XLSAn error while using Cells.InsertRange method in some cases
7367XLSExternal links in formulas
7443XLSSupports global named range
7446XLSCoping the shape name
7448XLSA problem with the conditional formats
7505XLSInvalid formula Exception
7506XLSEnhance performance of Cells.DeleteBlankRows method
7507XLSBug in opening some special XLS files
7549XLSAn enhancement in Cells.InsertColumns method
7555XLSError on calling workbook.Save
7613XLSCorrupted spreadsheet after copying
6909XLSEnhance performance of deleting rows
7202XLSRich Text Output Formatting Bug
7450XLSIssue with Workbook.Open()
7468XLSDifferent Columns as DataTable
7650XLSEnhance Cells.ImportTwoDimensionalObjects method
6856XLSXOleObject could not be opened bug after converting XLSX to XLS
6983XLSXDigital Signature disappearing bug
7175XLSXWorkbook.Open throws an Exception
7185XLSXInCellDropDown doesn’t work
7564XLSXNamed Range as the data source of PivotTable
7617XLSXA pivot table lost in Excel 2007 file