Aspose.Cells for .NET 5.3.2 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v5.3.2!

What’s changed in Aspose.Cells:

  • Inserts a common value into all the cells of the range by using Range.Value.
  • Supports MS Excel 2010 encryption.
  • Provides support to disable/hide Printing-Process dialog box
  • Supports to change paper source while printing.
  • 43 enhancements and fixes.

What’s changed in Aspose.Cells.GridWeb:

  • Supports setting grouped rows’ state to ‘Expanded’ or ‘Collapsed’ on the client side.
  • 1 fix.

What’s changed in Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop:

  • 1 fix.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for .NET v5.3.2.

Issue IDComponentSummary
13695GridWebFixed the cursor stays on the same line when using Ctrl-Enter keys
25599GridDesktopFixed exporting columns’ styles to Excel file
25346FormulaXLS Link VS. XLSX Link
25496FormulaNumeric fields displaying as #VALUE!
25574FormulaVLOOKUP formula doesn’t work with ListObjects
25625FormulaWorkbook.CalculateFormula error out
25683FormulaCalculateFormula - StackOverflowException
25699FormulaCELL() function is not working
25147HtmlHtml saving and Charts css layout issue
24514PdfExcel to PDF conversion problem
25149PdfPDF export - Garbage Collection performance issue
25260PdfXLS to PDF issue
25289PdfNumber as large exponent issue
25365PdfFormatting of individual characters to bold
25490PdfGetting Error while merging Empty Excel Documents
25615PdfPDF conversion problem
24199PivotTablePivotTable RefreshData throws exception
25267PivotTablePivot table issue
24577XlsAutoFitColumn is not setting width correctly
25329XlsOutOfMemoryException upon opening the Excel with two Shapes
25404XlsCheck whether the chart is a 3D chart
25412XlsFaster way to replace all formulas with value
25422XlsBug with image aspect ratio
25423XlsWrite a string into the merged cell
25426FormulaUnable to calculate workbook
25506XlsIssue on saving XLSX format
25554XlsInvalid copied cell
25904XlsSome formatting will not copy
25919XlsCells in range cannot be merged
24912XlsbSaving XLSB with data filter
25675XlsbAspose.Cells removes Bitmaps
25229XlsxProblems with complex bar chart
25287XlsxStrange issue with the shapes after the save
25317XlsxGet ListObject by name
25327XlsxProblem with header and footer areas
25332XlsxVarious Custom Property issues
25390XlsxOpening and copying sheet issue
25391XlsxButton slides to the left after each Save
25421XlsxDiagram: Type of axis changes
25430XlsxRadioButtons not working as expected
25508XlsxExcel 2007 Chart with VBA Code Issue
25510XlsxEmbedded objects do not stay in the same location
25555XlsxCharts not copying correctly
25677XlsxAspose.Cells adds border to Bitmaps when saving to Excel 2007 formats
25906XlsxInvalid tick labels rotation