Aspose.Cells for .NET 5.3.3 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v5.3.3!

1) Aspose.Cells


25032 Set Hyperlink’s Target attribute when converting Excel file to Html format

25960 Render Checkboxes in Html file

26082 Support Justified Alignment in rendering PDF format

26341 Excel-to-Pdf enhancement for Mono

26342 External web links have some strange characters attached

25332 Enhance various Custom Properties in XLS, XLSX/XLSM documents

26472 Support STDEV.S function/formula


25774 Excel- to-PDF conversion


27076 Handle FormatException while opening an ODS file

27063 Invalid column index - Aspose.Cells.CellsException from SheetRender.ToImage() method

26571 Aspose.Cells cannot open the XLS file

26309 Source array was not long enough – exception on opening Excel file

25972 SheetRender.ToImage() method is failed to render some Worksheets


26141 Render almost blank picture (from Chart.ToImage() method) , the dash lines are not rendered fine

26570 Title in Chart Image is not appearing on the right side of the chart area

26601 Data Labels are not visible properly using Chart-to-Image feature

26686 No values in the generated chart’s image using Chart-to-Image feature 

18878 Reduce font size while saving to Pdf file

19318 Wrong text in PDF Export

24011 Save to Pdf (bugs)

26727 Multiple Issues when saving the generated Excel file as PDF

25920 Pivot Tables getting corrupted

26100 Setting RefreshDataOnOpeningFile does not seem to work

26758 Corrupt Pivot Table with Aspose.Cells

24961 File Corruption issue

26198 Get Maximum Value of ValueAxis in an Excel Chart

26198 An Issue with PutValue and ClearContents methods

26544 Problem with Copying Rows and Conditional Formatting

26711 Calculated cell has “#VALUE!” after using Workbook.CalculateFormula() method

26728 Get “#Value!” in the calculated cells

26984 Problem with formulas calculation across Worksheets

26308 XLSB Formula returns different value than XLSX formula

25783 Excel file opens with warning after using Range.CopyValue for Table’s header

25797 ListObjectCollection.Add corrupts formatting in header cells

25879 2007 Excel file places a shape with zOrderPosition of 0 on top

25970 Render Alt Text in MS Excel 2010 XLSX file

26013 TextBox Linked Cell returns null

26049 Insert a new column into a Table

26313    Document corruption after processing with Aspose.Cells

2) Aspose.Cells.GridWeb

New Features

26410   Expand/Collapse grouped rows on server and client sides                                                                                                                     


26227  Handle exception that is raised while obtaining the custom formatted number’s color                                                                                                                    

3) Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop

New Features

26545 Customize fonts that are used to display Worksheet names

21788 Mark some continuous Undo steps and perform undoing/redoing in one go

27138   Copy formulas from Excel templates


27139   Formula chains are not calculated accordingly when changing a cell’s value