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Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.0.1 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.0.1!

\1) Aspose.Cells

New Features

29512 Add a new overloaded method: Cell.SetStyle(Style style, bool explicitFlag)


30331 Add and Delete Rows in the ListObject / Table


30177 Stack Overflow Exception while generating a PDF file from an ODS file

30045 Aspose.Cells hangs up when opening the file


30188 Error occurred when converting Date column (with empty string) in Excel XML format

30252 “’o:relid’ is a duplicate attribute name” Exception


29876 Security Warning issue

27781 Excel chart legends shrinking when saving Excel workbook

29620 Excel chart lose some formatting when opening and saving it

30246 Worksheet.IsVisible = false groups sheets in the workbook

29632 Feature request regarding Exception handling while adding worksheets

30303 Problem in copying Worksheets

30035 MS Excel (Format->AutoFit Row Height) VS Aspose.Cells’ AutoFitRow feature

29841 Problem with Pie chart

30154 Issue with Chart data labels

30153 Macros are disabled in the output XLSM file

30332 Problem with Chart axis scale changing

30308 Secondary Axis in XLSX lost on Save

\2) GridDesktop

New Features

29821 Support formula bar control