Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.0.2 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.0.2! In this version, we made several enhancements and fixed number of user issues/bugs. Moreover, we have removed some unnecessary older obsolete methods for Sheet-to-Image feature now.

\1) Aspose.Cells

New Features

30970 Access document properties of an encrypted XLS file


30919 The Worksheet’s TabColor property for Chart type worksheets

25224 Export data without XLS limitation to SpreadsheetML file

30672 Smart Markers - How to group Rows (Calculate Totals, Sub-Totals and Grand Totals)


30548 StackOverflowException occurred when opening certain files

30609 Workbook constructor throws NullReferenceException

30989 Exception: Invalid Excel2007Xlsx file


29663 Converting Excel-to-PDF (missing elements issue)

29692 Problem in Excel-to-PDF conversion

29840 Problem with version (regarding Charts)

30102 Problem with Chart Image regarding Data labels and Error bars

30270 Printing issue - Numbers are shown as “#######”

30533 Problem with DeleteRange function

30603 EMF Vs PNG Issue

30729 Wrap Issue when converting XLS-to-PDF

30755 Saving as SaveFormat.XLSM causes errors

30785 Unable to change line style of a ChartPoint

30787 Broken shapes in the copied worksheet

30843 Formulas using intersected ranges don’t work

30877 Dates are shown as serial numbers in Charts

30918 Image problems when saving to XLS format

30949 Cell content is splitting part way through a word when converting XLS-to-PDF

30980 Loading and Updating XLSM then Saving causes ERRORS

30998 Problems with Excel 2010 and XLSM

31003 Issue with AutoFitRow and the AutoFitMergedCells

31005 Negative Values in Parentheses

31068 Saving file crashes after using DeleteRange method in some cases

31078 Refresh Pivot table - It does not sort properly

31095 AutoFitRows doesn’t work fine

31098 SheetRender exports double-spaces / inconsistent spacing

31099 Issue with Chart’s legend items wrapping when saving as an image

31102 There are too much formats in the worksheet

31195 SheetRender exports chart with wrong height

31243 Copying range with validation

31277 Saving to XLSX the document is Write-Protected

\2) GridDesktop


31051 GridDesktop issue while loading an Excel document

31053 Parameter is not valid exception occurred in GridDesktop

31071 Incorrect rendering of document via GridDesktop.ImportExcelFile method