Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.0.3 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.0.3!


New Features

24953 Support MS Excel’s advanced conditional formatting in the generated PDF file

30020 Support Cell Gradient Color that is not set properly while converting to PDF document

40010 Uncheck Multi-level Category Labels while formatting Chart’s Axis


31243 Copy range with validation

31347 Sorting & Dynamic formulas in Smart Markers

40027 Implement ToString() method in the Cell, Range, Worksheet and other classes/objects

40080 Enhancement - Excel95 - Excel 2003 file

40081 Error checking options not working with XLSM files


31331 Error occurred while opening XLS file

40045 NullReferenceException found when setting Header/Footer in Page Setup

40047 Unable to copy a particular worksheet into another workbook with one worksheet

40060 Invalid Brush Type when converting Excel workbook to XPS

40061 StackOverflow on calling WorksheetCollection.GetNamedRanges() method


31266 XLS to PDF or XPS takes so much time

40053 Excel-to- PDF Performance decreases as number of worksheets increases


29234 Hide pivot table columns issue

30224 Charts images do not match Excel’s charts

30651 Cell.SetStyle(Style style, bool explicitFlag) doesn’t work as expected

31334 BuiltInDocumentProperties.HyperlinkBase can’t be read or set

40009 Opening XLSM file issue

40012 The Style changed after merging or adding copy sheet to workbook operation

40013 RowField Subtotal – formatting issue

40014 Opening and saving XLSM file throws away macros and ribbons

40016 Errors while saving Excel files

40024 Charts not rendering fine in rendering / copying workbooks

40046 Pivot table does not refresh correctly

40057 Array formula references aren’t updated on deleting a row or column

40065 Negative bigInt problem

40073 Aspose.Cells Smart Markers parameters problem

40074 Chart disappears after Save

40075 Problems found while refreshing Pivot table

40076 Error while saving XLSM file

40079 Usage of Excel’s default conditional formatting is not working


New Features

29869 Support Conditional formatting (only Excel 2003 styles are supported (currently))


40022 Parameter is not valid exception

40029 Issue: “Address of the site is not valid" regarding hyperlinks in the sheet

40051 ImportFromExcelFile gives problem while loading an XLSX file (with merged cells) from MemoryStream

40064 Bulleted contents are not displayed correctly

18463 Problems in grand total calculation in Pivot Table