Aspose.Cells for Java 7.2.0 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NETv7.2.0!

\1) Aspose.Cells


  • Cells.ImportDataView only imports 65535 rows
  • Could not update ComboBox in XLSM file


  • Shapes.AddCopy throws: Index was out of range
  • NullReferenceException after copying worksheet
  • Exception:Invalid MsoLineDashStyle string val occurred while opening the file
  • Unable to convert some XLSX files to TIFF format


  • .NET C++ Build Error C2686 
  • Converting XLS file to XLSX discard text formatting
  • Copy charts from one workbook to another
  • Corrupted cell coloring after worksheet copying
  • Hyperlinks not moving with sorted cells
  • Chart problems in designer Spreadsheet
  • Worksheet.Copy() does not copy values for invalid formulas
  • Applying custom style to cells issue
  • ListBox does not recognize selection changes 
  • Chart Title is lost when opening XLSM file with Office 2010

-Bugs when converting an Excel file into an image.

  • Upgrade from version v5.1 to v7.0.3
  • Charts.ToImage() quality issue
  • Charts Gradient effects problem
  • Formula calculation engine problem
  • Problem with calculated cells when saving in PDF format
  • Cells Calculation is incorrect

-Custom formatting of text values when exporting to PDF 

  • Issue with Excel to PDF Conversion 
  • Workbook gets corrupted by removing a sheet which has a pivot table
  • Tables as Data Source for PivotTable broken using Designer
  • Corruption when adding fields to Pivot Table
  • Issue on Pivot Table Rendering After Refresh
  • Corruption when adding fields to Pivot Table
  • Integrity problems with MS Excel 2003

-Style for Pivot Table issue

  • SheetRender is not wrapping text properly
  • Worksheet’s Custom Properties with large values
  • The component is corrupting objects which contain Excel Add-In Formulas
  • Cannot get Picture images to print accurately in Aspose.Cells
  • Error while using WorkBook.Copy() method
  • Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In Warning
  • Problems with saving to XLS format with ClearData option
  • Conditional formatting - Compatibility problems with *.XLSB
  • Corrupted workbook after a simple opening\saving
  • Excel produces invalid XLS file when converting XLSX file created byAspose.Cells

-Save may corrupt workbook when CurrentCulture is not English

\2) GridWeb


  • AutoFit Rows Bug

\3) GridDesktop


  • Borders are shown in the wrong place while import an Excel file to Grid