Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.2.1 Release Notes

We arehappy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.2.1!

\1) Aspose.Cells


  • Shapes’ lines are incorrectly filed after converting to PDF
  • Macro disappeared after saving an XLSM file to XLS format
  • List box options overlap one another
  • Aspose.Cells corrupting XLSM file after calling the Workbook.Save() method
  • Thecomponent destroys properties of the workbook XML’s CalcPr node
  • You want to put a string longer than 32K
  • Smart Markers syntax for column index
  • Smart Markers - Nested Objects


  • GetNamedRanges() method throwing Unsupported function
  • Exception: Invalid IMEModeType string val
  • Exception while loading an XLSX Spreadsheet from SharePoint
  • GetNamedRanges() method throwing NullReferenceException
  • Exception while initializing with .xlsm input file
  • Failsto open a document with complex formula(s)
  • Exception on PivotTable’s RefreshData() method
  • Error found while creating a new SheetRender object
  • Exception while file was opening


  • Disappearing chart title in the Pie charts
  • Chart to image conversion is not working properly
  • Mismatches between Excel chart and the exported chart’s image

-Problems with DataTable in charts when converting to image

  • Problem with DataTable in MS Excel charts
  • Differences in chart’s appearance between MS Excel and PDF
  • Converting Excel 97- 2003 to PDF

-Aspose.Cells corrupting XLSM file after calling the Save twice

  • Bookmarks on one level issue

-Aspose.Cells permanently hides ActiveX control on Save operation

  • Excel 2010 files with Pen data is getting corrupted
  • VLookup with an Indirect returns a “#REF” value
  • The Save call corrupts an XLSM file
  • Named ranges disappeared after Worksheet’s Copy
  • VLookup with an Indirect returns a “#REF” value - 2
  • Copied chart rotates the Display Unit Labels by 90 degrees
  • Calculation bug with a Workbook
  • Performing Subtotal Calculations on Grouped Column
  • The issues for PDF conversion regarding drawing shapes

-Named Ranges issue

  • Aspose.Cells corrupting Excel files which contain Pivot Tables
  • XLSX to PDF conversion issues

-Aspose.Cells handles Date value incorrectly

  • Geterror while creating a new Workbook from the file

-Named range does not grow horizontally with Smart Markers

-Issue found in the relative XML file

  • Shape name changed after saving the XLSM file into new workbook
  • Bug with VLookup formula having wild cards (e.g. “*”)

\2) GridWeb


  • Shapes in the file does not display correctly
  • GridWeb1.SelectCells is

\3) GridDesktop


  • Headers are aligned to top instead of center