Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.3.1 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NETv7.3.1 for the users!

\1) Aspose.Cells

New Features

  • Conditional formatting - Include DataBar type’s missing fields
  • Conditional formatting - Include IconSet type’s missing values
  • Conditional formatting - Support
  • Read conditional formatting rules with cross-sheet formulas
  • Support Cells.MinDataColumn and Cells.MinDataRow properties
  • Support Cell Background Colors with Conditional Formatting (MS Excel 2010)
  • Data Filters of the PivotTable are supported
  • Advanced data validation of MS Excel 2010 is supported


  • Throws CellsException when changing the part of the array formula
  • Marker types and styles in the charts of Excel 2007/2010
  • Custom Marker shapes in the chart
  • How to create custom Markers
  • Sub-Charts are not accessible

-AutoShapes in HTML Output

  • DataBars - Conditional formatting in PivotTable
  • Losing web queries in MS Excel 2007 formats
  • Manage external data ranges and their properties
  • MS Excel’s XLSB file size Issue


  • The static method CellsHelper.DetectFileFormat() throws exception
  • Looking for a solution in Aspose.Cells
  • Exception: “Index was out of range”
  • Loadingworkbook throws: ‘Input string was not in a correct format’
  • Shape to image Error in Excel to PDF feature


  • Image’s color mode formatting is not kept when saving an Excel file
  • MS Excel 2003 Worksheet’s Custom Properties corrupted
  • BUG in calculating Formulas
  • Opening and saving a file with conditional formatting failed
  • Bold style is not seen on ListObject’s header cell
  • Series markers issue

-Quotes in the saved Tab Delimited file

  • CSV read/write does not ‘round trip’ for some inputs

-StringValue returns a wrong value

  • 2 small issues with CELL function’s implementation
  • Issues with CELL function
  • GETPIVOTDATA formula calculation issue
  • PPMT formula is causing file recovery after calling Workook.CalculateFormula()method
  • Issuewith IFERROR and VLOOKUP combination
  • COUNTIFS formula does not evaluate correct value
  • OFFSET function calculation issues
  • MODE function calculation issues
  • CELL function calculation issues

-VLOOKUP function’s bug

-TRIM function calculation issues

  • Save as HTML shows hidden column in the output
  • Saving clears formatting
  • Graphics in HTML output
  • HTML formatting issues (regarding extra borders)

-SheetRender’s XPS and custom number format issue

-Save as PDF does not preserve formatting

  • Problems with XLSX formatting in Excel and PDF outputs
  • Excel’s pivot table rendered to PDF is not correct
  • Custom fonts in PDF
  • Cell’s Vertical Alignment rendering issue
  • Text missing in the right-most end
  • Some conditional formattings are not rendered correctly
  • Problem with formatting in the Total Row in the PivotTable
  • Office for Mac-Os 2k11 crashes after opening an Excel file

-Why is this code failing?

  • PivotTable’s calculated field getting changed
  • Problem saving Workbook with Calculated Members
  • Compact Layout for pivot table
  • Corrupt File when Refreshing Pivot Tables
  • ChangeDataSource() is broken
  • SheetRender draws textbox contents bold
  • Excel text box is resized incorrectly when rendering to image
  • SheetRender exports shape incorrectly

\2) GridWeb


40838 - GridWeb’s formattingis not saved

  • Re-sizing columnmakes it hidden

40722 - Custom formattingwith Percentage

40826 - Top border issuein the GridWeb

40831 - Cross-browserissues for Aspose.Cells.GridWeb 

40822 - User mustdepress key twice to register when tabbing into a new cell - Firefox Issue  

  • Upgrading toAspose.Cells.GridWeb version issue
  • GroupRow with IndentLevel, Text mask and hidden group issue