Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.3.4 Release Notes

Weare happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.3.4!

\1) Aspose.Cells

New Features

  • Support Open Office 3D Charts
  • Calculate weighted average on Subtotal row between two columns (SmartMarkers)
  • Detect vertical or horizontal data source of a chart


  • Find and Replace inner texts


  • Workbook’s CalculateFormula method takes 30+ seconds
  • Performance degradation for Office 2007 as compared to 2003

-CalculateFormula is taking around 3 minutes on 8 Core machine

  • Aspose Cell replacing Excel Wrapper
  • Saving an Excel document takes more than one minute


  • “Invalid formula” exception when opening an XLSX file
  • Aspose.Cells throws “ArgumentNullException” exception when opening a templatefile
  • Saving a MHtml file, reading in Aspose.Cells is a problem 


  • Formula is not calculated properly
  • ActiveX Controls Corrupt a Workbook
  • 4 Spreadsheets are failed to be re-written
  • Excel Charts are Locked after Save
  • Error while copying Worksheets

-Filled Radar Graph image rendered with hidden Axis Tick marks via Chart.ToImage method

-Formatting data labels issue

  • Issue with calculating Excel chart
  • Issue with a column chart having both axis
  • Multiple calculated pivot fields result in unreadable file.
  • Custom XML Parts issue
  • This file is corrupted after being saved

-Converting XLS to XLSX and back creates a bad XLS file

-Converting XLS to XLSX creates a bad document

  • Rendering an MS Excel file to PDF document has an issue regarding contents

\2) GridWeb


40838 - GridWeb -Formatting not saved correctly

41140 - Problem when using“Add Row” option

41152 - When editing the Aspose.Cells.GridWeb, celljumps around when selected

41154 - Rendering issue onGridWeb control

41149 - Highlight Issuewith GridWeb control

41183 -

41126 - GridWeb Cell’sstyle BorderWidth issue

\3) GridDesktop


40709 - GridDesktop’s rendering problem

41098 - Cell Protection / Locking issue with GridDesktop