Aspose.Cells for .NET 8.3.2 Release Notes

The following is a list of changes in this version of Aspose.Cells.

\1) Aspose.Cells

Other Improvements and Changes

New Features

(CELLSNET-43214) - Ability to specify the absolute position for the PivotItem

(CELLSNET-43298) - Support to format cell values automatically by Cells.ImportTwoDimensionArray()

(CELLSNET-43227) - Specify Custom Separators.

(CELLSNET-43256) - Printing range of pages

(CELLSNET-43240) - Change the font on just the specific unicode characters

(CELLSNET-43239) - OnePagePerSheet, PageIndex and PageCount properties for XpsSaveOptions

(CELLSNET-43220) - Implementation of Chart.HasAxis(axisType, axisGroup) method

(CELLSNET-43259) - Ability to add Signature Line at specified location

(CELLSNET-43253) - Ability to check “Password to modify”


(CELLSNET-43144) - Render HTML for each sheet with the contents of the element only

(CELLSNET-43282) - Importing a CSV file to an Excel XLSX file

(CELLSNET-43251) - Aspose.Cells does not increase the corresponding row height

(CELLSNET-43307) - Chart lines are not smooth and curved at edges

(CELLSNET-43305) - Copying a Range with PasteType.All does not copy the Hyperlink

(CELLSNET-43287) - Enhance exceptions while handling un-supported OOXML file formats

(CELLSNET-43260) - Ability to retrieve Signature Line information from a spreadsheet


(CELLSNET-43236) - Loading a spreadsheet uses most of the system memory


(CELLSNET-43271) - Opening and saving the spreadsheet makes it corrupt

(CELLSNET-43266) - Second worksheet is not rendered fine in the output PDF

(CELLSNET-43262) - Methods of IStreamProvider are not called

(CELLSNET-43248) - PivotTable connections removed for the slicer when re-saving an XLSB file

(CELLSNET-43215) - PivotItem does not move to specified location while using PivotItem.Move

(CELLSNET-43205) - Some graphic elements are misplaced in the output HTML

(CELLSNET-43204) - Some graphic elements are misplaced in the output PDF

(CELLSNET-43051) - Chart data points appear below the image in the rendered HTML file format

(CELLSNET-42878) - Background color of the pivot table is set to black

(CELLSNET-43226) - Reading and saving an existing xls workbook causes corruption

(CELLSNET-43306) - Aspose.Cells does not convert dotted line to straight line

(CELLSNET-43288) - Images do not render while converting spreadsheet to PDF

(CELLSNET-43263) - Issue on Rendering Image

(CELLSNET-43245) - Layout is shrunk and the borders become thicker in the output PDF

(CELLSNET-42973) - Footer Alignment Problem

(CELLSNET-42439) - Merged cell content disappears when rows are filtered

(CELLSNET-43300) - Chart category axis is re-positioned after Workbook.Copy

(CELLSNET-43296) - Text above the chart area is moved slightly upwards

(CELLSNET-43273) - Vertical (Value) Axis Major Gridlines is no more selectable

(CELLSNET-43272) - Image rotation not used in the rendered PDF file format

(CELLSNET-43267) - Hebrew text is reversed in the chart

(CELLSNET-43255) - Chart image is not rendered correctly

(CELLSNET-43212) - Differences in rich text datalabels rendering in Excel and PDF

(CELLSNET-43210) - Missing Field Buttons in Pivot Chart

(CELLSNET-43046) - Chart.ToImage not rendering the date format conforming to the CultureInfo

(CELLSNET-42993) - Graph data labels are not shown when rendering to PDF

(CELLSNET-42893) - SheetRender.ToImage does not render the Chart correctly

(CELLSNET-42634) - Box on the chart showing the series information incorrectly moves and resizes

(CELLSNET-42480) - Datalabel is not correct

(CELLSNET-43325) - Excel found unreadable content error occurs

(CELLSNET-43308) - Copy Paste a range of cells without altering the destination column widths

(CELLSNET-43299) - Resultant spreadsheet looses text box

(CELLSNET-43295) - Legend font is changed from Arial to MS Gothic

(CELLSNET-43290) - The text attached to a shape is moved at the top-left position

(CELLSNET-43286) - ListObject.PutCellValue() does not initialize the VLookup formula

(CELLSNET-43280) - Setting CommentShape’s Placement type to “Move”

(CELLSNET-43275) - Excel document opened in blocking Protected View

(CELLSNET-43270) - Setting Zoom for Chart type Worksheet does not take effect

(CELLSNET-43269) - UpdateLinkedDataSource is not retrieving new data from external workbook

(CELLSNET-43265) - Ansi Pound sign SpreadsheetML conversion issue

(CELLSNET-43264) - Applying borders to cells

(CELLSNET-43261) - Workbook.Settings.IsWriteProtected returns false

(CELLSNET-43252) - Enter space and indentation of bullets are not rendered fine

(CELLSNET-43243) - Resultant spreadsheet asks to download a converter

(CELLSNET-43235) - Worksheet’s CodeName is changed

(CELLSNET-43229) - Workbook.SaveOptions.CreateDirectory does not work

(CELLSNET-43228) - Connect data points with line does not work

(CELLSNET-43157) - Textboxes are getting hidden behind the images


(CELLSNET-43323) - Exception on Workbook.CalculateFormula() method

(CELLSNET-43319) - System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException on opening XLA file

(CELLSNET-43292) - Exception on saving workbook with empty chart sheet

(CELLSNET-43278) - Error loading Excel document with Sparklines

(CELLSNET-43274) - ArgumentException at Workbool ctor

(CELLSNET-43242) - Unknown image format - error on opening the workbook

\2) Aspose.Cells Grid Suite

Other Improvements and Changes

New Features

(CELLSNET-43291) - Aspose.Cells.GridWeb does not support to create/ add Named Ranges now

(CELLSNET-43180) - Select shapes and trigger an event on backend

(CELLSNET-43172) - Support to hide scroll tab bar left and right arrows

(CELLSNET-42263) - Conditional Formmating for GridDesktop

(CELLSNET-41370) - Conditional formatting not displaying while importing Excel to GridWeb

(CELLSNET-41078) - Refresh GridWeb worksheet charts when values are modified


(CELLSNET-42264) - Formula issues: MATCH, ADDRESS, and INDIRECT in GridDesktop

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds WorkbookSettings.NumberDecimalSeparator, NumberGroupSeparator properties

Gets/sets the separators used for formatting/parsing numeric values.

Adds WorkbookSettings.CheckWriteProtectedPassword() method

Checks whether the password is correct write protected password.

Adds Picture.SignatureLine property and SignatureLine class.

They are used to create and read the setting of signature line.

Adds PivotItem.Position property.

Specifies the position index in all the PivotItems,not the PivotItems under the same parent node.

Adds PivotItem.PositionInSameParentNode property.

Specifies the position index in the PivotItems under the same parent node.

Adds PivotItem.Move(int count, bool isSameParent) method.

Moves the item up or down.

Adds Worksheet.RefreshPivotTables() method.

Refresh all the PivotTables in this Worksheet.

Adds Workbook.GetNamedStyle(string name) method.

Gets the named style in the workbook’s style pool by name.

Adds Cells.ImportTwoDimensionArray(object,, object,, int, int, TxtLoadOptions)

Imports a two-dimension array of data into a worksheet with more flexible options defined in TxtLoadOptions.

Adds PageSetup.IsAutomaticPaperSize property.

Indicates whether the pape size is automatic.

Adds XpsSaveOptions.OnePagePerSheet properties

If OnePagePerSheet is true , all content of one sheet will output to only one page in result.

Adds XpsSaveOptions.PageIndex properties

Gets or sets the 0-based index of the first page to save.

Adds XpsSaveOptions.PageCount properties

Gets or sets the number of pages to save.

Adds SheetRender.ToPrinter(string PrinterName, int PrintPageIndex, int PrintPageCount) method

Renders worksheet to Printer.

Adds WorkbookRender.ToPrinter(string PrinterName, int PrintPageIndex, int PrintPageCount) method

Renders workbook to Printer.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.IsFontSubstitutionCharGranularity properties

Indicates whether only substitute the font of character when the cell font is not compatibility for it.

Obsoletes Workbook.SaveOptions property

Users should build proper SaveOptions and then use Workbook.Save() with it.

Obsoletes StyleCollection class and Workbook.Styles property

Users should use Workbook.CreateStyle() to create and manipulate style for workbook instead of StyleCollection.Add() and use Workbook.GetNamedStyle(string) to get named style instead of StyleCollectionstring.

Obsoletes PivotItem.Move(int count) method.

Using PivotItem.Move(int count, bool isSameParent) method for instead.

Deletes all obsoleted Open() and Save() methods of Workbook.

Deletes obsoleted Workbook.SetOleSize() method.

Deletes obsoleted IsProtected ,Language and Region properties of Workbook.

Deletes obsoleted Workbook.LoadData() methods.

Deletes obsoleted Open() and Save() methods of WorkbookDesigner.

Deletes obsoleted ReCalcOnOpen,Language,Encoding and ConvertNumericData properties of WorkbookSettings.

Deletes obsoleted HidePivotFieldList,EnableHTTPCompression,IsMinimized,IsHidden,SheetTabBarWidth properties of WorksheetCollection.

Deletes obsoleted WindowLeft,WindowLeftInch,WindowLeftCM,WindowTop,WindowTopInch,WindowTopCM,WindowWidth,WindowWidthInch,WindowWidthCM,WindowHeight,WindowHeightInch,WindowHeightCM properties of WorksheetCollection.

Deletes obsoleted DeleteName() method of WorksheetCollection.

Deletes obsoleted HPageBreaks and VPageBreaks of Worksheet.

Deletes obsoleted DisplayHTMLCrossString and ExportChartImageFormat of HtmlSaveOptions.

Deletes obsoleted ExpCellNameToXLSX property of SaveOptions.

Deletes obsoleted DefaultFont,Compliance,PdfBookmark and PdfImageCompression properties of SaveOptions.

Deletes obsoleted TxtSaveOptions.AlwaysQuoted property.