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Aspose.Cells for .NET 8.8.3 Release Notes

1) Aspose.Cells

CELLSNET-44175Support refreshing and calculating Pivot Tables with calculated itemsNew Feature 
CELLSNET-44535Publicise the relevant APIs for adding/manipulating ActiveX controls including Toggle ButtonNew Feature 
CELLSNET-44482Provide an option to save the spreadsheet with Protected ViewNew Feature 
CELLSNET-44385Change character spacing in Excel TextboxNew Feature 
CELLSNET-41013Support for “WithoutChart” loading optionNew Feature 
CELLSNET-44502Support gridlines for Excel to HTML conversion Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44525Support decimal value returned by implementation of ICustomFunction and CalculationData.CalculatedValueEnhancement 
CELLSNET-44492Print quality of the simulated bold font is not goodEnhancement 
CELLSNET-44530Add Comment Property to ListObject/TableEnhancement 
CELLSNET-44523Using Array Formulas in Smart MarkersEnhancement 
CELLSNET-44509ImportDataTable with insertRows=true replaces first row with blank lineEnhancement 
CELLSNET-44480Apply table style to rich text settings Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44512Performance problem in Cells.CopyRows() methodPerformance
CELLSNET-44514Problem with PivotItem.IsHidden when refreshing dataBug 
CELLSNET-44513Export Html to Excel - the text “!A1” added to the end of linkBug 
CELLSNET-44500File becomes corrupted after Pivot Table refreshes and copies workbookBug 
CELLSNET-44470Cell shading is not applied uniformly while converting spreadsheet to HTMLBug 
CELLSNET-44467Cannot export all HTML content to Excel when the HTML has nested ‘div’ elements Bug 
CELLSNET-44490Issue with Custom time formatBug 
CELLSNET-44201Issue regarding unsupported chars indices in CHAR formulaBug 
CELLSNET-44521Conversion to PDF results in 2 PDF pages as opposed to Excel’s print previewBug 
CELLSNET-44489Excel to PDF Conversion - Justified character lost with its formattingBug 
CELLSNET-44481Excel to PDF rendering - Page break position has been changedBug 
CELLSNET-44531Aspose.Cells renders the same worksheet to images in different size in Session 1 vs Session 0Bug 
CELLSNET-44491Non-system installed font not working for TextBoxesBug 
CELLSNET-44433Image rendered differently from the original chartBug 
CELLSNET-44074Unnecessary lines on the chart while exporting Chart to ImageBug 
CELLSNET-44012Chart image is different from the sourceBug 
CELLSNET-40572Chart area becomes gibberish when converted to PDF .NETBug 
CELLSNET-44536Aspose.Cells incorrectly recognizes the font size of chart titleBug 
CELLSNET-44522Set the text to the shape from the template file.Bug 
CELLSNET-44519References in table become broken after importing two dimension array into the tableBug 
CELLSNET-44511References in table become broken after some manipulation with fileBug 
CELLSNET-44508Different page sizes in the output PDFs than ExcelBug 
CELLSNET-44507Issue with Shape.GetCharacters() methodBug 
CELLSNET-44505Cell validation does not work correctly with INDIRECT functionBug 
CELLSNET-44498Header rows do not repeat when spreadsheet is converted to PDF with Turkish localeBug 
CELLSNET-44496OTT is detected as ODSBug 
CELLSNET-44494TextBox.IsFilled set to false but fill appears as light blue when ODS is viewed in OpenOfficeBug 
CELLSNET-44488File becomes corrupted after shape.UpdateSelectedValueBug 
CELLSNET-44329Different saved Pdf file page sizes for selected or not selected cells in the Excel fileBug 
CELLSNET-44271ODS to PDF: first 2 pages contain blue shadeBug 
CELLSNET-44172Change in behaviour for Smart Marker processing when used in Pivot Table across 8.6.1 & 8.6.3Bug 
CELLSNET-44493ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid, while resizing the form control Bug 
CELLSNET-44528ArgumentOutOfRangeException on PivotTable.CalculateDataException 
CELLSNET-44526Exception: “Input string was not in a correct format.” when loading an HTML file formatException 
CELLSNET-44534Exception on Workbook.Save method.Exception 
CELLSNET-41993Exception when calling WorkbookDesigner.Process()Exception 

2) Aspose.Cells Grid Suite

CELLSNET-44533Provide a way to specify the path where GridWeb stores temp session filesNew Feature 
CELLSNET-44497Provide client side functions to select a range or to get the selected range using JavaScriptNew Feature 
CELLSNET-44483Support to copy/paste rows in Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop within the control and between the control and ExcelNew Feature 
CELLSNET-44499Unable to get property ‘style’ of undefined or null reference, caused by setting GridWeb.ShowHeaderBar to falseBug 
CELLSNET-44524Handling large Excel files with GridwebBug 
CELLSNET-44440Dropdown in GridWeb shows 4 entries but there are 2 entries under German localeBug 
CELLSNET-44506InvalidFormula exception at GridWeb.ImportExcelFileException 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds Cell.GetCharacters(flag) method

Returns all Characters objects.

Adds OleObject.AutoLoad property

Specifies whether the host application for the embedded object shall be called to load the object data automatically when the parent workbook is opened.

Adds HTMLLoadOptions.SupportDivTag property

Indicates whether to support the layout of

tag when the html file contains
tags.The default value is false.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExportGridLines property

Indicating whether to export the gridlines. The default value is false.

Adds ShapeTextAlignment.TextShapeType property

Specifies the preset geometry that will be used for a shape warp on a piece of text.

Adds LoadOptions.SetPaperSize(PaperSizeType type) method

Sets the default print paper size from default printer’s setting.

Deletes obsoleted Workbook.Decrypt() method

Please set the WorkbookSettings.Password as null.

Adds ListObject.Comment property.

Gets and sets the comment of the table.

Adds ShapeCollection.AddActiveXControl() method

Adds ActiveX control.

Adds GridWeb.SessionStorePath property

Gets or sets the session store path when session mode is ViewState, It is a relative path to the current web application base directory.