Aspose.Cells for .NET 17.5 Release Notes

CELLSNET-41365Support PDF/A-1a compliance in PdfSaveOptionsNew Feature 
CELLSNET-45347Remove existing PrinterSettings in Excel fileNew Feature 
CELLSNET-45340Implement Custom Page Size options for the worksheet New Feature 
CELLSNET-45327Support exporting HTML cells’ data to DataTableNew Feature 
CELLSNET-45316Support the working of GridWeb when ASP.NET Session state mode is SQL ServerNew Feature 
CELLSNET-45350OutOfMemory error during image renderingPerformance
CELLSNET-45341Converting XLS to SpreadsheetML having filters corrupts the output filePerformance
CELLSNET-45217Saving Excel to PDF rotates the imageBug 
CELLSNET-45306Wrong styles when save to HTML with css prefixBug 
CELLSNET-45304Text alignment of the vertically rotated text is wrong in the output HTML Bug 
CELLSNET-45299Text does not fit into cell when saving as HTMLBug 
CELLSNET-45288Exception occurred on loading an HTML fileBug 
CELLSNET-45274Pivot table data is not refreshed correctlyBug 
CELLSNET-45336Workbook calculation method is unable to calculate XIRR formula - IIBug 
CELLSNET-45333Values in cell M114 and N114 are not correct after Workbook formula calculationBug 
CELLSNET-45318Workbook calculation method is unable to calculate XIRR formulaBug 
CELLSNET-45310Multiple users face problem in GridWeb when Session state is out of processBug 
CELLSNET-45324Characters’ position is not center aligned when rendering an Excel file to PDFBug 
CELLSNET-45339Converted from ODS to XML (SpreadsheetML) file is not opened by MS ExcelBug 
CELLSNET-45326Cell.HtmlString does not highlight the nested font color properlyBug 
CELLSNET-45325Data validations end up strange after inserting new rowsBug 
CELLSNET-45322Cells.ImportDataTable method has changedBug 
CELLSNET-45314CopyOptions.ExtendToAdjacentRange property is not workingBug 
CELLSNET-45312Final Excel file is different than the original Excel fileBug 
CELLSNET-45303Shapes (rectangles, lines, etc.) are not bonded anymore when re-saving from XLSX to XLS file formatBug 
CELLSNET-45301Opening and saving the Excel file makes the alignment wrongBug 
CELLSNET-45297Opening and saving the XLSM file with newer version corrupts itBug 
CELLSNET-45296Removing all comments from a workbook causes errors upon opening in ExcelBug 
CELLSNET-45308Translate “Other” of Pie chartBug 
CELLSNET-45298Legend entries are not hidden correctly in the combined chartBug 
CELLSNET-45313Exception when adding calculated field to PivotTableException 
CELLSNET-45307Shape to image error while rendering Worksheet to ImageException 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds ExportTableOptions.ExportAsHtmlString property

Exports the HTML string value of the cells to the DataTable.

Adds PageSetup.Copy(PageSetup source,CopyOptions copyOptions) method

Copies the settings of the Page Setup.

Adds ImportTableOptions.ShiftFirstRowDown property

Indicates whether shifting the first row down when inserting table.

Adds PageSetup.CustomPaperSize() method

Sets the custom paper size, in the unit of inches.

Adds PageSetup.PrinterSettings property

Gets and sets the settings of the default printer.

Adds enum PaperSizeType.Custom

Represents the custom paper size.

Adds enum PdfCompliance.PdfA1a

Represents PDF format compatible with PDFA-1a.

Usage Examples

Please check the list of help topics added in the Aspose.Cells Wiki docs: