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Aspose.Cells for .NET 17.9 Release Notes

CELLSNET-45614Determine which Stack Size is needed for a certain WorkbookNew Feature 
CELLSNET-45649Format the custom Label’s font and its cell with Smart Markers New Feature 
CELLSNET-44353Control loading of external resources in MS Excel workbookNew Feature 
CELLSNET-40787Lose Track Changes after conversion (XLS –> XLSM)New Feature 
CELLSNET-45607Show Cell comment as Excel Tooltip - Aspose.Cells.GridWebNew Feature 
CELLSNET-45559Share Price Series Label is not positioning properlyEnhancement 
CELLSNET-45626Exception: “Too many entries. Consider setting ZipOutputStream.Enable Zip64” on merging the file(s)Enhancement 
CELLSNET-45622Why FitToPagesWide 1 needs to set FitToPagesTall 0 for  Fit All Columns on One PageEnhancement 
CELLSNET-45576When RecommendReadOnly is true, IsWriteProtected is also trueEnhancement 
CELLSNET-45581GridDesktop should not scroll past last columnEnhancement 
CELLSNET-45577GridDesktop should not scroll past last rowEnhancement 
CELLSNET-45633GetRanges performance issue when using customfunction with lots of functions to be calculatedPerformance
CELLSNET-45592Some drawing elements’ position is wrong in Excel to PDF renderingBug 
CELLSNET-45575Grey background on the box is missing in the output PDFBug 
CELLSNET-45516Shape text dispersed/scattered in Excel to PDF renderingBug 
CELLSNET-45415Sheet to Image rendering ignores Asian fonts in TextBox with cell referenceBug 
CELLSNET-45315Some text (labels) missing of the shape in Sheet to Image renderingBug 
CELLSNET-45655Providing one option to control whether keeping number precision formatBug 
CELLSNET-45630HTML output of “222.xlsx” is not rightBug 
CELLSNET-45621Two image resources created instead of one when saving as HTML file formatBug 
CELLSNET-45597“Number stored as Text” for the numeric columnsBug 
CELLSNET-45558When MHtml file is saved with XLS extension, MS Excel shows errors when opening the XLS fileBug 
CELLSNET-45557Formatting lost after saving the file as XLSBug 
CELLSNET-45556Images lost after saving the file as XLSBug 
CELLSNET-45538Images lost and formattings are removed when saving an MHtml file to XLS or MHTBug 
CELLSNET-45584Infinite loop when use PageSetup.GetCommands()Bug 
CELLSNET-45637Three hyphens “—” are rendered as empty space in the output PDFBug 
CELLSNET-45612Issue with floating lines (single, double underlines) in Excel to PDF conversionBug 
CELLSNET-45608When ImageOrPrintOptions.OnlyArea = true, the data gets corruptedBug 
CELLSNET-45605Partially missing characters when converting to imageBug 
CELLSNET-45571Default grey cell borders converted into dotted linesBug 
CELLSNET-45628The word is renamed when converting to imageBug 
CELLSNET-45603Issue with Chart.Calculate() methodBug 
CELLSNET-45602Issue with trend equations in the chartBug 
CELLSNET-45587Scale is increased in the output PDF for the Radar chartBug 
CELLSNET-45573Chart image is not having three-digit numbersBug 
CELLSNET-45569Unable to render image from chart via Aspose.CellsBug 
CELLSNET-45563Incorrect Chart PDF when line plotting is compared to source ExcelBug 
CELLSNET-45561Image generated from Sample.xlsm worksheet SampleCharts is not correctBug 
CELLSNET-45441Chart legend is rendered in wrong position when converted to imageBug 
CELLSNET-45643OLE object changes size after opening and editing OLE object fileBug 
CELLSNET-45639SpreadsheetML - Hidden attribute on column does not workBug 
CELLSNET-45638Inserting column in worksheet causes the corrupt output Excel fileBug 
CELLSNET-45636SpreadsheetML - Hidden attribute on row is not working properlyBug 
CELLSNET-45624Saving a custom date property results in wrong time writtenBug 
CELLSNET-45617Column width is changed after loading and saving an XLS fileBug 
CELLSNET-45616Circle graph and Column graph are changed dramatically after re-load and re-saveBug 
CELLSNET-45613Workbook.RemoveUnusedStyles does not work as expected on Table stylesBug 
CELLSNET-45598Smart Markers: Multiple groups with skip overlaps grand total rowBug 
CELLSNET-45588Excel has to repair the macro file - Removed Part: /xl/vbaProject.bin partBug 
CELLSNET-45623Cannot edit merged cells when setting focus by mouse click - Aspose.Cells.GridDesktopBug 
CELLSNET-45565Issue using grouped rows/cols in GridWebBug 
CELLSNET-45537Image Icon is lost after editing the cell B3Bug 
CELLSNET-45448Group columns do not work in GridWebBug 
CELLSNET-45627PivotTable.CalculateData() method throws System.IndexOutOfRangeExceptionException 
CELLSNET-45610NullReferenceException when reading XLSX using LoadFilter containing Pivot TableException 
CELLSNET-42702“Unreadable Content” error on creating the Pivot TableException 
CELLSNET-45635Input string was not in a correct format - Exception on opening MS Excel fileException 
CELLSNET-45589Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: ‘Sheet1’ Key being added: ‘Sheet1’Exception 
CELLSNET-45647Exception occurs on opening the “BUDGET RH 3_1.xlsm” in GridWebException 
CELLSNET-45646Exception when importing XLSM files into GridWebException 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds HTMLLoadOptions.LoadStyleStrategy property

Indicates the strategy to apply style for parsed values when converting string value to number or DateTime.

Adds class AbstractCalculationMonitor

Provides APIs for users to monitor the progress of formula calculation.

Adds CalculationOptions.CalculationMonitor property

Allows user to provide custom implementation to monitor the progress of formula calculation.

Adds enum GridlineType

Enumerates gridline Type.

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.GridlineType property

Gets or sets gridline type.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.GridlineType property

Gets or sets gridline type.

Adds Name.GetRanges(bool) and Name.GetRange(bool) methods

For simple Name objects mostly, such as, named ranges with absolute references, the name’s reference needs not to be calculated repeatedly. So GetRanges(false)/GetRange(false) will not re-calculate the Name object when getting corresponding range(s) and so the the performance may be improved significantly if those methods are called repeatedly.

Adds PdfBookmarkEntry.DestinationName property

Gets or sets name of destination. If desitnation name is set, the desitnation will be defined as a named destination with this name.

Adds DataSorter.AddKey() method

Adds sorted column index and sort order with custom sort list.

Adds Picture.Copy() method

Copies settings from other picture.

Adds Shape.ToFrontOrBack() method

Brings the shape to front or sends it to the back.

Adds enum ConnectionDataSourceType.Table

Represents the table as the data source of the connection.

Adds OoxmlSaveOptions.EnableZip64 property

Always use ZIP64 extensions when writing zip archives, even when unnecessary.

Adds PageSetup.SetFitToPages() method

Sets the number of pages the worksheet will be scaled to when it’s printed.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.StreamProvider property and ResourceLoadingType enum

Gets and sets the type of loading external resource.

Adds VbaModuleCollection.AddDesignerStorage() and GetDesignerStorage() methods

Gets and sets the designer storage of the VBA project.

Usage Examples

Please check the list of help topics added in the Aspose.Cells Wiki docs: