Aspose.Cells for .NET 18.6 Release Notes

CELLSNET-46159Render Slicer shape to image format New Feature 
CELLSNET-46179Update Slicer in XLSB and XLSX file formatsNew Feature 
CELLSNET-46167Create Slicer in XLSB and XLSX file formats New Feature 
CELLSNET-44455Create or update Slicer in Excel 2013 using Aspose.Cells New Feature 
CELLSNET-46130Add API to get & set CustomXmlPart IDNew Feature 
CELLSNET-46145Improve converting line Callout to imageEnhancement 
CELLSNET-46174WorkbookRender.ToImage(pageIndex, fileName/stream) and Bitmap WorkbookRender.ToImage(int pageIndex) methods included Enhancement 
CELLSNET-46178Support DateTimeOffset format when importing custom objectsEnhancement 
CELLSNET-46171GroupShape definition is misleadingEnhancement 
CELLSNET-46152Relevant methods in Aspose.Cells API are added for GetRangeAddess(), GetCellCount(), GetEntireAddress() and GetOffset() Enhancement 
CELLSNET-46122Convert smart art from XLSX to XLS file format Enhancement 
CELLSNET-46121Convert smart art from XLS to XLSX file format Enhancement 
CELLSNET-45961Ink tools disappeared when converting to PDFEnhancement 
CELLSNET-45160Portions of the picture in the spreadsheet renders in different color while converting worksheet to imageEnhancement 
CELLSNET-43592Ink Objects does not render while converting spreadsheet to PDF formatEnhancement 
CELLSNET-45891Some shapes are missing and some are dispersed (dis-positioned) - Excel to HTML conversion Bug 
CELLSNET-46112When Issue4 callout placement.xlsx converted to PDF, formatting is not good Bug 
CELLSNET-45212Displaced bigger image on converting an XLSM to PDFBug 
CELLSNET-42636Some drawing shapes are displaced or rendered wrongly in Excel to HTML renderingBug 
CELLSNET-42627Unable to extract smart art images correctlyBug 
CELLSNET-42618Shape is displaced to cover data in Excel to HTML renderingBug 
CELLSNET-46146All previous columns and rows data stay in the PivotTable after filteringBug 
CELLSNET-46127Output HTML is good in Chrome but wrong in IE or EdgeBug 
CELLSNET-45005Rows imported to single cell when importing HTML file formatBug 
CELLSNET-45004Cell value truncated when importing HTMLBug 
CELLSNET-46162Single quotes disappear from the formula when opening the fileBug 
CELLSNET-46069Formulas (containing linked data source in other workbooks) are not calculated fineBug 
CELLSNET-46142Tab bar becomes hidden when user changes tab because Grid height grows upBug 
CELLSNET-46177Print from Aspose.Cells differs from ExcelBug 
CELLSNET-46176PDF output ignores all the page breaks inside an MS Excel fileBug 
CELLSNET-46153Shape color changes when convert to PDF file formatBug 
CELLSNET-46126Excel document is slipping while saving as PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-46125Mixture of page 1 and page 2 in the output PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-46114Single word is splitted into two lines in Aspose.Cells’ rendered output imageBug 
CELLSNET-45766Unable to load password-protected ODS fileBug 
CELLSNET-46164Pareto chart does not display in MS Excel file but it renders somewhat fine in PDFBug 
CELLSNET-46155The chart horizontal axis label is corrupted Bug 
CELLSNET-46150Saving XLT file as XLS after clearing chart’s data series causes red “Protected View” warningBug 
CELLSNET-46140Watermark works fine with the spreadsheets but nothing shows up on chartsBug 
CELLSNET-46129Y-axis ticks in chart image do not match with MS-ExcelBug 
CELLSNET-46100CellsException - System.OutOfMemoryException while converting Excel file to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-46082Pie chart legend colors change after saving to PDF and do not match up with pie chart slicesBug 
CELLSNET-46072Saving an XLT/XLTX file as XLS/XLSX causes red “Protected View” warningBug 
CELLSNET-46166Hyperlinks are corrupted when referencing to sheet with special characters in its nameBug 
CELLSNET-46141Standardized way for last three numbers in the signature shape nameBug 
CELLSNET-46131Resizing headless table corrupts the output MS Excel fileBug 
CELLSNET-46128Output Excel File is corrupt after creating list objectBug 
CELLSNET-46134When render an Excel document to PDF, the process never finishesBug
CELLSNET-46175Aspose.Cells.CellsException at Aspose.Cells.Workbook.Save()Exception 
CELLSNET-46147Error initializing an XLSX fileException 
CELLSNET-46138EndOfStreamException when Aspose.Cells.Dll (latest assembly) is ilmergedException 
CELLSNET-46173Exception: “File is corrupted” when loading an XLS fileException 
CELLSNET-46137ArgumentOutOfRangeException when Aspose.Cells (latest assembly) is ilmergedException 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds Slicer, SlicerCollection, SlicerCache, SlicerCacheItem and SlicerCacheItemCollection classes

These APIs are used to create and modify the Slicer in the file.

Adds SlicerCacheItemSortType and SlicerStyleType enums

These APIs are used to create and modify the Slicer in the file.

Adds CellWatchCollection and CellWatch classes, Adds Worksheet.CellWatches property

Adds Cell Watch Item in the ‘watch window’.

Adds CustomXmlShape class and MsoDrawingType.CustomXml enum

Supports keeping custom xml shape.

Adds MsoDrawingType.SmartArt enum

Represents the smart art shape type.

Adds Font.SchemeType property and FontSchemeType enums

Gets and sets the scheme type of the font.

Adds CustomXmlPart.ID property

Gets and sets the Id of custom xml part.

Adds CustomXmlPartCollection.SelectByID() method

Gets Custom xml part by id.

Adds Range.Address, Range.CellCount, EntireColumn, Range.EntireRow and Range.GetOffset(System.Int32,System.Int32)

Enhancement for processing range.

Adds ColorDepth enum and ImageOrPrintOptions.TiffColorDepth property

Gets or sets bit depth to apply only when saving pages to the Tiff format.

Overloads WorkbookRender.ToImage() method

Renders the workbook to image by the page index.

Adds Legend.LegendEntriesLabels() method

Gets the labels of the legend entries after calling Chart.Calculate() method.

Adds CustomFilter.SetCriteria(FilterOperatorType filterOperator, object criteria) method

Sets the filter criteria.

Provides new APIs for supporting to get/set formulas in locale dependent format (the FormulaLocal function of Microsoft Interop)

Cell.GetFormula(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) Cell.SetFormula(string formula, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal, object value) Name.GetRefersTo(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) Name.SetRefersTo(string refersTo, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.GetFormula1(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.SetFormula1(string formula, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.GetFormula2(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.SetFormula2(string formula, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.GetFormula1(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal, int row, int column) FormatCondition.GetFormula2(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal, int row, int column) GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfHeaders() GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfData() GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfAll() GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfTotals() GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfCurrent() GlobalizationSettings.GetErrorValueString(string err) GlobalizationSettings.GetBooleanValueString(bool bv) GlobalizationSettings.GetLocalFunctionName(string standardName) GlobalizationSettings.GetStandardFunctionName(string localName) GlobalizationSettings.GetLocalBuiltInName(string standardName) GlobalizationSettings.GetStandardBuiltInName(string localName) GlobalizationSettings.ListSeparator GlobalizationSettings.RowSeparatorOfFormulaArray GlobalizationSettings.ColumnSeparatorOfFormulaArray