Aspose.Cells for .NET 20.4 Release Notes

CELLSNET-47276XLSX to CSV, commas required for blank cells also similar to MS ExcelNew Feature
CELLSNET-47054Support union of multiple cells as a rangeNew Feature
CELLSNET-47091Option to update source field of PowerQueryFormulaItemsNew Feature
CELLSNET-47273Set Latin text font and Asian text font for the chart category axisEnhancement
CELLSNET-47217Support databar, color scale and iconset conditional formattings of ODS.Enhancement
CELLSNET-47201Open the password-protected file using Aspose.Cells.GridDesktopEnhancement
CELLSNET-47254Support enter new line as in MS-EXCEL in the formula barEnhancement
CELLSNET-47224Improve the performance of refreshing pivotables.Performance
CELLSNET-47243Hang on GetDisplayStyle for a worksheet with rows 65536Performance
CELLSNET-47289CalculateFormula() never returnsPerformance
CELLSNET-47263Hanging while trying to open ODP document in Workbook constructorPerformance
CELLSNET-42556Sorting of PivotField does not seem to workBug
CELLSNET-47046Unopened quote delimiters in IMG HTML attributes in generated HTML markupBug
CELLSNET-47208Pivot table not keeping the format with the latest versionBug
CELLSNET-47219Wrong formula in the table column after insertion of a row and refreshing itBug
CELLSNET-47261Excel to HTML rendering - wrong font size in a table exportedBug
CELLSNET-47279The first column text in all rows is not sub-scripted when exporting the file to HTMLBug
CELLSNET-47163Issue with inserting Column and Update ReferenceBug
CELLSNET-47244Formulas (MROUND, MIN) not calculated correctlyBug
CELLSNET-47250Remove duplicates works for the first column only when specifying columnOffsets parameterBug
CELLSNET-47267Formulas are not calculated in the template fileBug
CELLSNET-47268TrimLeadingBlankRowAndColumn inconsistencyBug
CELLSNET-47269XLSX to CSV conversion - missing comma in the outputBug
CELLSNET-47200Overlapping on navigation buttons issue when setting hidden sheet as the active sheetBug
CELLSNET-47274Background image not set in GridWebBug
CELLSNET-47179VBA signature with Bouncy Castle libBug
CELLSNET-47258Issue with barcode images in Sheet to TIFF renderingBug
CELLSNET-47216PowerQueries gone after Source replacementBug
CELLSNET-47241ODS file is breaking while setting the font style and savingBug
CELLSNET-47252Numeric Smart Marker inserting cell value as textBug
CELLSNET-47262Issue with 100% Stacked Bar and the major unit and minor unitBug
CELLSNET-47271Saving XLSX with embedded visio corrupts the fileBug
CELLSNET-47282Aspose.Cells 20.3: XLSB to XLS Conversion IssueBug
CELLSNET-47291Wrong bullet character read from Excel fileBug
CELLSNET-47096Issue with GridDesktop formula bar with SplitterPaneBug
CELLSNET-47247Exception raised when Cell.R1C1Formula is calledException
CELLSNET-47235NullPointerException when refreshPivotDataException
CELLSNET-47246Exception “Cannot access a closed Stream” when saving an Excel file to PDFException
CELLSNET-47086An exception is thrown when rendering a chartException
CELLSNET-47242FormatException on the file loadingException
CELLSNET-47266Exception “Argument index is out of array range” while loading all the attached filesException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds ChartTextFrame.DirectionType property.

Gets and sets the direction of text in the chart.

Adds ChartTextFrame.ReadingOrder and obsoletes ChartTextFrame.TextDirection property.

Use ChartTextFrame.ReadingOrder property instead.

Adds classes for the enhanced feature of Revisions.

Gets the information of the revision.

Changes default value of TxtSaveOptions.TrimLeadingBlankRowAndColumn property.

To make the default behavior of saving CSV the same with ms excel, we changed the default value and behavior of this property. For old versions, its default value was “false”. From 20.4, its default value becomes “true”.

Changes the behavior for detecting blank rows/columns for saving CSV.

For old versions, we took those rows/columns which have no data but have custom settings(visibility, formatting, …etc.) as blank. From 20.4, we do not take them as blank anymore, the new behavior is the same with ms excel.

Adds TxtSaveOptions.ExportArea property.

Specifies the range of cells data to be exported. Users may use this option to get the same result with old versions for the changed behavior of TxtSaveOptions.TrimLeadingBlankRowAndColumn and blank rows/columns.

Adds UnionRange class.

Represents union range.

Deletes obsoleted DrawObject.Image property.

Use DrawObject.ImageBytes property instead.

Adds Bullet.FontName property

Gets and sets the font name of the bullet.

Adds WorksheetCollection.CreateUnionRange() method.

Creates a union range. 

Deletes obsoleted SaveType enum.

It’s unused.

Deletes obsoleted OleObject.ImageFormat and Picture.ImageFormat properties.

Use OleObject.ImageType and Picture.ImageType properties instead.