Aspose.Cells for .NET 20.8 Release Notes

CELLSNET-47524Support slicers in Excel TablesNew Feature
CELLSNET-47512Client API for directly font setting for GridWebNew Feature
CELLSNET-47513Client API for adding/removing hyperlinks for GridWebNew Feature
CELLSNET-47514Add ShowAddButton property to support add/delete worksheet for GridWebNew Feature
CELLSNET-43975Support for OTF font types with Aspose.Cells APIs for rendering purposesNew Feature
CELLSNET-47445Pivot table not displayed when saved as ODS fileNew Feature
CELLSNET-47495Support converting workbook to PPTX which slides are picture.New Feature
CELLSNET-47499Sipport converting workbook to DOCX which pages are pictures.New Feature
CELLSNET-47538Support table for .ods file.New Feature
CELLSNET-47515XLSX to HTML conversion takes number of minutes while using Aspose.CellsEnhancement
CELLSNET-47483Exception “The max length of the font name is 31” when loading an XLSEnhancement
CELLSNET-47489Provision to edit PowerQueryFormulaParametersEnhancement
CELLSNET-47387Calculate formula on large excel data of more 140K rows not workingPerformance
CELLSNET-47474The page is not same as browserBug
CELLSNET-47480Styles and content missing when converting worksheet to HTML/imagesBug
CELLSNET-47493Problem converting XLSX to HTMLBug
CELLSNET-47501Some positive numbers formatting space on the right is missing in the outputBug
CELLSNET-47503Fields are missing when converting XLSX to HTMLBug
CELLSNET-47516Support linear gradient background when exporting file to HTML or MHTBug
CELLSNET-47521Error message when opening output file after re-saving an XLSXBug
CELLSNET-47475CalculateFormula() calculates differently than MS ExcelBug
CELLSNET-47504Wrong format conversion in Excel to HTML renderingBug
CELLSNET-47464A line is formed at the top of the document in Excel to PDF conversionBug
CELLSNET-47481Lable missing when converting worksheet to imagesBug
CELLSNET-47497Excel to EMF text alignment is not consistentBug
CELLSNET-47522Aspose rendered images has larger gaps between columns compared to manual copy&pasteBug
CELLSNET-47533Images in the Excel file are not rendered to PDFBug
CELLSNET-47484XLSX to HTML conversion issues with charts and zero-width unicode charactersBug
CELLSNET-47509XLS to PDF: Chart X-Axis has incorrect scalingBug
CELLSNET-47520Cells.InsertRange causes the chart title to be lostBug
CELLSNET-47485RelativeToOriginalPictureSize = false is not workingBug
CELLSNET-47507Smart Marker merge grouping from json dataBug
CELLSNET-47511External links still present after calling RemoveExternalLinksBug
CELLSNETCORE-74Position of the shape changed while loading and saving XLS fileBug
CELLSNETCORE-75Text frame becomes smaller after loading and saving the XLS fileBug
CELLSNETCORE-76Font changes while loading and saving the XLS fileBug
CELLSNET-47487Shape to image Error when converting XLSB to PDFException
CELLSNET-47490Converting XLSX files with hidden elements to HTML throws exceptionsException
CELLSNET-47526An Exception is thrown if the pivot field is data field.Exception
CELLSNET-47529Exception during full roundtrip HTML conversion with specific fileException
CELLSNET-47496Exception when converting chart to imageException
CELLSNET-47488Exception “Zoom value should be between 10 and 400” when opening ODS fileException
CELLSNET-47491FormatException thrown when converting certain strict XLSX files to HTMLException
CELLSNET-47494Exception “Invalid pPower query formula definition” when retrieving mashup data from the workbookException
CELLSNET-47500StackOverflowException during Excel to Html conversionException
CELLSNET-47506ArgumentException error using SaveFormat.XlsxException
CELLSNET-47510Exception has been thrown on Save method after RemoveExternalLinksException
CELLSNET-47525Saving a workbook raises exception after clearing the commentsException
CELLSNET-47528FormatException when loading an XLSX fileException
CELLSNET-47530Exception “Indent level must be between 0 and 250” when rendering an Excel file to PDFException
CELLSNET-47541Exception “Invalid cell name” when loading an XLSX fileException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Marks interface ICustomFunction as obsolete.

This interface sometimes causes ambiguity and misunderstanding for users. User should use AbstractCalculationEngine instead which provides more convenient and flexible APIs for manipulating custom functions.

Marks CalculationOptions.CustomFunction property as obsolete.

Please use AbstractCalculationEngine instead of ICustomFunction by CalculationOptions.CustomEngine property.

Marks Workbook.CalculateFormula(bool, ICustomFunction) method as obsolete.

Please use Workbook.CalculateFormula(CalculationOptions) method instead.

Marks Worksheet.CalculateFormula(bool, bool, ICustomFunction) method as obsolete.

Please use Worksheet.CalculateFormula(CalculationOptions, bool) method instead.

Marks Cell.Calculate(bool, ICustomFunction) method as obsolete.

Please use Cell.Calculate(CalculationOptions) method instead.

Adds DocxSaveOptions class and SaveFormat.Docx enum

Represents the options and enum for saving workbook as .docx files.

Adds PptxSaveOptions class and SaveFormat.Pptx enum

Represents the options and enum for saving workbook as .pptx files.

Adds OdsLoadOptions.RefresPivotTables property

Indicates whether to refresh pivot tables when loading file.

Adds PowerQueryFormulaFunction class

Represents power query formula function.

Adds SaveOptions.UpdateSmartArt and deletes OoxmlSaveOptions.UpdateSmartArt property

Indicates whether to update the text of smart art shapes when saving files.

Adds SlicerCollection.Add(ListObject table, int index, string destCellName) method

Add a new Slicer using ListObject as data source.

Adds SlicerCollection.Add(ListObject table, ListColumn listColumn, string destCellName) method

Add a new Slicer using ListObject as data source.

Adds SlicerCollection.Add(ListObject table, ListColumn listColumn, int row, int column) method

Add a new Slicer using ListObject as data source.