Aspose.Cells for .NET 21.6 Release Notes

CELLSNET-48104Get value of SlicerCacheItem in the collection Slicer.SlicerCache.SlicerCacheItemsNew Feature
CELLSNET-48121Support custom style of Slicer in XlsbNew Feature
CELLSNET-48053Set user defined formulas as array-formulas and at the same time provide values as calculated results for those formulasNew Feature
CELLSNET-43532Ability to embedded  the fonts with ANSI encodingNew Feature
CELLSNET-48042Retrieved formatted cell values are wrong in Excel worksheetEnhancement
CELLSNET-48078Deep copy of Workbook after calculation with CreateCalcChain settingEnhancement
CELLSNET-48079How to check if a worksheet is emptyEnhancement
CELLSNET-48135Issue with protected workbook (with a password) generated by Aspose.CellsEnhancement
CELLSNET-48050cpu hang on open workbookPerformance
CELLSNET-48063Tme cost when call the api Cells.GetRowRawHeightPointPerformance
CELLSNET-48046The text offset of the shape is incorrect(arrow:quad).Bug
CELLSNET-48064The text arrangement of the default font in the text box is not correctBug
CELLSNET-48088The overlapping part of the curve is cut off.Bug
CELLSNET-48089The left and right curves are reducedBug
CELLSNET-48060Error using RemoveUnusedStyles function with custom stylesBug
CELLSNET-48080PivotTable can’t use “值” or “Values” as column name when creating PivotTableBug
CELLSNET-48085Hidden column heading is renderedBug
CELLSNET-48105Textbox placement is changed while converting Excel to HTMLBug
CELLSNET-48048Exception when saving XLSX with comments to PDF formatBug
CELLSNET-48082Adding rows more than 30 using ImportCustomObjects generates corrupted fileBug
CELLSNET-48086Named range not properly created in 21.5 but worked in 21.4Bug
CELLSNET-48118Support to refresh dynamic array formulas according to the updated spilled rangeBug
CELLSNET-48081Image is not shown in GridWebBug
CELLSNET-48117Add GridCell.GetValidation() for GridDesktopBug
CELLSNET-47627Issues when accessing/modifying X-axis of an Excel chart using Aspose.CellsBug
CELLSNET-48041Extracted chart is distorted in chart to image/PDF renderingBug
CELLSNET-48049Different axis spacing when converting from xlsx workbook to emfBug
CELLSNET-48101Chinse characters display as Rectagle Linux DockerBug
CELLSNET-48061PowerQueries disappearing after query replacementBug
CELLSNET-48065Re-saved file with a specific named range value causes Excel corruptedBug
CELLSNET-48067SetChartDataRange did not recognize merged cellsBug
CELLSNET-48072Read empty chart will get a wrong chart typeBug
CELLSNET-48133Error raised by MS Excel while opening the output XLSX fileBug
CELLSNET-48045An Exception is thrown when converting svg to imageException
CELLSNET-48062Exception raised while converting XLS to XLSXException
CELLSNET-48074Value cannot be null when opening Apple numbers fileException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Changes the behavior of Cell.IsErrorValue property.

In old versions, this property only applies to formula cells. To make it consistent with other properties, from 21.6 we check non-formula cells too and if its value is error value, we also return true. User may check Cell.IsFormula property first if he only needs to check error value for formula cells.

Changes the behavior of Cell.Value property.

In old versions, this property always returns DateTime object if the cell is formatted as date time and its value is numeric. From 21.6, this property returns the numeric value itself if it exceeds the maximum valid DateTime value. With this change the returned object is consistent with what shown in the formula bar of ms excel.

Adds Cell.IsNumericValue property.

Provides convenient and efficient way for user to check whether one cell’s value is numeric value(int, double, datetime).

Adds overloaded methods of Cell.SetSharedFormula()/SetArrayFormula()/SetDynamicArrayFormula().

Support to set array formulas and shared formulas with predefined values.

Adds enum PdfFontEncoding.

Represents pdf embedded font encoding.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.FontEncoding property.

Gets or sets embedded font encoding in pdf.

Adds SlicerCacheItem.Value property.

Returns the label text for the slicer item. Read-only.

Adds GlobalizationSettings.GetProtectionNameOfPivotTable() method.

Gets the protection name in the PivotTable.

Adds FileFormatUtil.FileFormatToSaveFormat method.

Converts file format to save format.