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Aspose.Cells for .NET 22.6 Release Notes

CELLSNET-50880New apis to convert data to ICellsDataTable for user’s convenienceNew Feature
CELLSNET-51140Support data storage 5.0 of .numbersNew Feature
CELLSNET-51144Support reading images of Numbers13New Feature
CELLSNET-51230Support to set style for CellRangeEnhancement
CELLSNET-50996Add ChartCollection.Add (ChartType, String, Boolean, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32) overloaded methodEnhancement
CELLSNET-51184Support importing array value if the range is a simple cellEnhancement
CELLSNET-51215Support saving table formuals to xlsbEnhancement
CELLSNET-50226picture is blurredBug
CELLSNET-50954Wrong UpperLeftRow of CheckBox after loading workbookBug
CELLSNET-51153Duplicate checkboxesBug
CELLSNET-51158Characters written on objects such as shapes and text boxes are garbled in LinuxBug
CELLSNET-51180XLS file with Pivot table converted to XLSM is corrupted and data connections details got deletedBug
CELLSNET-50598Dynamic formula with FILTER function cannot be refreshed and calculated correctlyBug
CELLSNET-51069Cell.Calculate() does not update formula dependencies when the calculation chain is enabled for the workbookBug
CELLSNET-51186Issue with CEILING function in Aspose.Cells’ formula calculation engineBug
CELLSNET-51192DATE function was calculated as #NUM! for 1/0/1900Bug
CELLSNET-51195Converting an XLSB file with Data Tables to XLSM format resulted in deletion of Data TableBug
CELLSNET-51235Some cells with very lengthy formulas are not getting calculated by Aspose.CellsBug
CELLSNET-51268Problem with COUNTIFS formula treating 0 incorrectlyBug
CELLSNET-51041Chinese characters are corrupted when loading htmlBug
CELLSNET-51072ImportXml issue with Date fieldBug
CELLSNET-51081Custom format is changed after reloading saved html into workbookBug
CELLSNET-51092Strikeout font does not work in the rendered SVG/image on linuxBug
CELLSNET-51120Exception throws while exporting xml data linked to Xml MapBug
CELLSNET-51197ImportXml issue with Boolean fieldBug
CELLSNET-50854XLSX to PDF: Bar charts not rendered correctlyBug
CELLSNET-50983X-axis labels are wrongBug
CELLSNET-50998Last x-axis parameter is not displayedBug
CELLSNET-50999Chart labels do not fit the box - box is oversizedBug
CELLSNET-51000Chart label aligned vertically instead of horizontallyBug
CELLSNET-51043Incorrect output of series names when saving workbook to PDFBug
CELLSNET-51159Bugs with Chart.Title.IsVisible=false when saving pdfBug
CELLSNET-51211Missing numbers when creating Image from Excel ChartBug
CELLSNET-49105Saved .ods file is corrupted when the file contains list validationBug
CELLSNET-50691Lose ranges of ErrorCheckOptionBug
CELLSNET-50995Chart.SetChartDataRange will skip empty cells in data rangeBug
CELLSNET-51056Chart.SetChartDataRange did not recognize merged cellsBug
CELLSNET-51062The type of empty chart should be ChartType.Line if contains Marker nodeBug
CELLSNET-51116Has revisions attribute returns true but track changes is disabledBug Cancels Freeze PanesBug
CELLSNET-51228Workbook.CalculateFormula causes “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” exceptionException
CELLSNET-51045Exception “Cell has been removed: D7” when setting style to a range in Aspose.Cells.GridDesktopException
CELLSNET-47707Exception “This Excel file contains (Excel2.1 or earlier file format) records” when loading an XLS fileException
CELLSNET-47960new workbook fail raise exception: This Excel file contains (Excel4.0 or earlier file format) records.Exception
CELLSNET-51227System.FormatException. String was not recognized as a valid DateTime when loading Suomi Excel fileException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds CellsDataTableFactory class

This class provides apis to create instance of ICellsDataTable from custom objects for user’s convenience.

Adds Workbook.CellsDataTableFactory property

Provide user the CellsDataTableFactory for creating instance of ICellsDataTable from custom objects.

Adds Cell.GetDependentsInCalculation(bool) method

According to current calculation chain, get all cells whose calculated result depends on this cell.

Adds Cell.GetPrecedentsInCalculation() method

According to current calculation chain, get all precedents(reference to cells in current workbook) used by this cell’s formula while calculating it.

Obsoletes Cell.GetLeafs() and Cell.GetLeafs(bool) methods

Please use Cell.GetDependentsInCalculation(bool) method instead.

Adds PivotTable.FormatRow(int row, Style style) method

Format the row data in the pivottable area.

Adds Shapes.CreateId property

Gets creating id of the shape.

Adds WarningType.InvalidData enum

Represents the invalid data type.

Adds overload ChartCollection.Add() method

Adds a chart with data source.

Adds Chart.GetActualSize() method

Gets actual size of chart in unit of pixels.

Obsoletes Chart.ActualChartSize property

Please use Chart.GetActualSize() method instead.

Obsoletes PdfSaveOptions.ImageType property

Chart and Shape are always rendered as vector elements(e.g. point, line) for rendering quality.

Obsoletes ImageOrPrintOptions.ChartImageType property

Chart and Shape are always rendered as vector elements(e.g. point, line) for rendering quality.

Deletes obsolete property ImageOrPrintOptions.ImageFormat property

Please Use ImageOrPrintOptions.ImageType property instead.

Deletes obsolete property ImageOrPrintOptions.IsImageFitToPage property

The property is useless.