Aspose.Cells for .NET 22.8 Release Notes

CELLSNET-51589Support expand/collapse button style for PivotTableNew Feature
CELLSNET-51473Convert threaded comments to htmlEnhancement
CELLSNET-51570Copy row height when processing smart markers of a tableEnhancement
CELLSNET-51590Delete grouped shapes from groupEnhancement
CELLSNET-51595Wrong vertical alignment of cell text on convert to PDF from Excel file with pivot tableBug
CELLSNET-51621Shared formulas were copied incorrectly for different file formatsBug
CELLSNET-51524Wrong word wrapping on converting to PDF from Excel file with pivot tableBug
CELLSNET-51675Shape is lost while converting to pdfBug
CELLSNET-51435New worksheet relationships are added when converting an XLSB workbook to XLSMBug
CELLSNET-51545Workbook with MS Excel 5.0 dialog sheets failed loading by Aspose.CellsBug
CELLSNET-51546Charts are getting duplicated after opening and saving with Aspose cells, then viewing in ExcelBug
CELLSNET-51550Links in named ranges are getting deleted in XLS to XLSM conversionBug
CELLSNET-51551Files got corrupted and external Link changed to DDE link when converting XLS files to XLSMBug
CELLSNET-51558Converting XLS files with xlAlternateStartup type link to XLSM is outputting corrupted filesBug
CELLSNET-51564Duplicate data of smart markerBug
CELLSNET-51574A textbox having two columns in it is rendered with one column only when re-saving an XLSX fileBug
CELLSNET-51580An external link of type xlPathMissing is changed to normal externalLinkPath type in XLS to XLSM conversionBug
CELLSNET-51599Very long names for image type resources while saving as HtmlBug
CELLSNET-51627Specific XLSM file cannot be loadedBug
CELLSNET-51632RibbonXml does not workBug
CELLSNET-51696Converting XLS to XLSM is changing the “Save password” data connection definition propertyBug
CELLSNET-51559Converting an XLSB file to XLSM throwing Exception “startIndex cannot be larger than length of string”Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Add FontSettingCollection.Replace() method.

Replace the text of the shape.

Add ShapeTextAlignment.NumberOfColumns property.

Gets and sets the number of columns of the shape’s text.

Add HtmlSaveOptions.ExportCommentsType property.

Gets and sets the type of export comments to html.

Add base class PaginatedSaveOptions for PdfSaveOptions and XpsSaveOptions.

Represents the options for pagination.

Add class SheetSet.

Describes a set of sheets.

Add PaginatedSaveOptions.SheetSet property.

Gets or sets the sheets to render.

Add ImageOrPrintOptions.SheetSet property.

Gets or sets the sheets to render.

Add GridWeb.IgnoreStyleWithNoData property.

Gets or sets whether GridWeb ignores showing rows or columns that do not contain cell values but are still styled

Obsolete ImageOrPrintOptions.SaveFormat property.

For Tiff/Svg, please use ImageType; For Xps, please use Workbook.Save(string, SaveOptions) with XpsSaveOptions.

Obsolete constructor XpsSaveOptions(Aspose.Cells.SaveFormat saveFormat).

Please use constructor XpsSaveOptions() instead.

Obsolete constructor SvgSaveOptions(Aspose.Cells.SaveFormat saveFormat).

Please use constructor SvgSaveOptions() instead.

Remove constructor PdfSaveOptions(Aspose.Cells.SaveFormat saveFormat).

Please use constructor PdfSaveOptions() instead.