Aspose.Cells for .NET 23.11 Release Notes

CELLSNET-54121Support copy/delete/insert/rename worksheet operation in UI for GridDesktopNew Feature
CELLSNET-54125Support auto extend max rows/columns when do paste operation in GridDesktopNew Feature
CELLSNET-54220Support SheetPrintingPreview in GridDesktopNew Feature
CELLSNET-54226Support PdfSaveOptions in GridDesktopNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-775Support insert text boxNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-888Support insert form control for radio buttonNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-901Support insert form control for CheckBoxNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-929Support insert form control for ComboBoxNew Feature
CELLSNET-43181Support to convert spreadsheets to PDF file version 1.7New Feature
CELLSNET-54319Support generating ISO32000-1:2008 PDFNew Feature
CELLSNET-54422Support to localize date(such as “Months”, “Year” and so on) grouping fieldNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-776Support insert common shapesNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-826Support show Gradient Fill for cell backgroundNew Feature
CELLSNET-52796Support LET functionEnhancement
CELLSNET-54151Support keeping data when removing pivot tablesEnhancement
CELLSNET-54389Support .NET Core build for GridDesktopEnhancement
CELLSNET-54421Support auto format cell style after paste operation for GridWebEnhancement
CELLSGRIDJS-928Improve the rendering effect of wrapped textEnhancement
CELLSGRIDJS-934Improve render effect for wraped text for rich textEnhancement
CELLSGRIDJS-940Add option for selection behavior for text box control in read modeEnhancement
CELLSNET-52346Removes all merged cells in the range when calling Cells.Unmerge()Enhancement
CELLSNET-54112Performance issue with removing Named RangesEnhancement
CELLSNET-54357Update enum ErrorCheckType according to new version of ms excelEnhancement
CELLSNET-54509Remove metering lic when set normal licEnhancement
CELLSNET-54324Issue with rendering shapes in Sheet to Image conversionBug
CELLSNET-54231XIRR producing negative results in cases where Excel returns very large or very small valuesBug
CELLSNET-54305Add color filter results are incorrectBug
CELLSNET-54475Cells.UnhideRows() cannot work for empty rows when IsDefaultRowHidden is trueBug
CELLSNET-54552DataSorter sorting error with more than 1 sort keyBug
CELLSNET-54531InsertCutCells breaks cell referenceBug
CELLSNET-54593Hidden rows are incorrect after applying auto-filterBug
CELLSNET-53900Graph lines disappear when converted to PDF or PNGBug
CELLSNET-54353Chart with incorrect values when saving to imageBug
CELLSNET-54385Template replacement failed when calling Chart.ChangeTemplate methodBug
CELLSNET-54439System.OverflowException: ‘Value was either too large or too small for an Int32’ at Aspose.Cells.Charts.Chart.Calculate methodBug
CELLSNET-54453The Value and Category axis is not same as Excel when do chart to imageBug
CELLSNET-54476The chart type changed after resaving the xlsx fileBug
CELLSNET-54488The chart is not displayed correctly after the conversionBug
CELLSNET-54148GridDesktop raise exception when click on the specific cell for the customer’s fileBug
CELLSNET-54168The filter list values does not show completely as in MS-Excel when the sheet has hidden rowsBug
CELLSNET-54206Cell format ui and add/edit hyperlink ui have no localization info in resource file for GridDesktopBug
CELLSNET-54548Image/shape rendered at wrong position in razor pageBug
CELLSGRIDJS-938Selecting textbox control and then scrolling the page will make the render position of the text out of the textboxBug
CELLSNET-54409Cell text is not wrapped for distributed vertical alignment while saving file to PDFBug
CELLSNET-54444Picture is missing when converting to XPSBug
CELLSNET-54522Printing problem with Bold and Underline in ArialBug
CELLSNET-54308Vertical Alignment not coming in styleBug
CELLSNET-54441Sheet tab display error and page display confusion when converting file tohtmlBug
CELLSNET-41734Retain filter information in Pivot table when the source table is clearedBug
CELLSNET-43747Wrong displaying of Grouped Rows in Pivot TableBug
CELLSNET-44970Position of the Pivot Items have changed after refreshing the Pivot Table and rendering to PDFBug
CELLSNET-45172The generated file is corruptedBug
CELLSNET-46222The generated file is corruptedBug
CELLSNET-47044Date formatting problem in the first column cells in the pivot tableBug
CELLSNET-48087The generated file is corrupted when converting xlsb file with pivottable to .xlsBug
CELLSNET-53742Protected view after resaved the xls fileBug
CELLSNET-54053Refreshed pivot table is not same as MS ExcelBug
CELLSNET-54376Support detecting whether worksheet names should be wrapped in single quotesBug
CELLSNET-54387The template remains in the shared state after setting Workbook.Settings.Shared to falseBug
CELLSNET-54396Excel file corrupted when adding pivot table, pivot chart and slicer to itBug
CELLSNET-54492Setting default Style on a cell (PivotFieldType.Row) in pivot table corrupts the fileBug
CELLSNET-54507Conditional formatting is lost when saving a particular spreadsheet to PDFBug
CELLSGRIDJS-939Cell text does not render while cell style fill effects has two color gradient settingBug
CELLSNET-54162ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurred when calling Cell.GetConditionalFormattingResult() methodException
CELLSNET-54204Cell.HtmlString color:inherit throws an Exception “System.ArgumentException: Convert invalid primitive (Parameter ’text’)”Exception
CELLSNET-54496ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception throws while openning XLSX file in TH cultureException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Changes the constant values for FormatConditionType

Constants defined for FormatConditionType have been changed. User’s applications need to be re-compiled with the new version of Aspose.Cells.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.CalculateFormula property

If formulas in workbook need to be re-calculated to get correct result for generated html files, user may call Workbook.CalculateFormula() manually before Workbook.Save(), or specify this property as true to force formulas to be re-calculated automatically while saving HTML files.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.FormatDataIgnoreColumnWidth property

Indicating whether show the whole formatted data of cell when overflowing the column.

Adds CellsHelper.NeedQuoteInFormula() method

Check whether the name of the sheet should be enclosed in single quotes when adding reference to the sheet.

Adds and obsoletes some ErrorCheckType enum

Use new enums instead.

Adds methods: GetShortTextOf12Months(),GetTextOf4Quaters(),GetTextOfYears(),GetTextOfQuarters(),GetTextOfMonths(), GetTextOfDays(),GetTextOfHours(),GetTextOfMinutes(),GetTextOfSeconds() and GetTextOfRange() of PivotGlobalizationSettings

Gets the local text of date time for pivot table.

Adds PivotFieldGroupSettings class and PivotField.GroupSettings property; obsoletes SxRng class and PivotField.SxRng property

Used PivotField.GroupSettings property instead.

Obsoletes PivotTable.SetUngroup() method and adds PivotField.Ungroup() method

Please use PivotField.Ungroup() method instead to ungroup the pivot field.

Obsoletes PivotTable.SetAutoGroupField() and SetManualGroupField() methods

Please use PivotField.GroupBy() method.

Adds PivotField.GroupBy() methods

Group the pivot field.

Add a hyperlink for the range.

Adds PivotFieldGroupType enum

Represents the group type of pivot field.

Adds CustomPiovtFieldGroupItem and PivotDiscreteGroupSettings classes

Represents the discrete group of the pivot field.

Adds PivotGroupByType.Numbers and obsoletes PivotGroupByType.RangeOfValues enum

Use PivotGroupByType.Numbers enum instead to group the pivot field by numberic values.

Adds PivotNumbericRangeGroupSettings class

Represents the settings of numberic groups for the pivot field.

Adds PivotDateTimeRangeGroupSettings class

Represents the settings of date time groups for the pivot field.

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.EmfRenderSetting property

Setting for rendering Emf metafile while rendering to image.

Adds XpsSaveOptions.EmfRenderSetting property

Setting for rendering Emf metafile while rendering to XPS.

Adds PdfCompliance.Pdf14, Pdf15, Pdf16, Pdf17 enum

Supports to render to Pdf format compatible with PDF 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7.

Obsoletes PdfCompliance.None enum

Please use PdfCompliance.Pdf14 instead.

Obsoletes Legend.LegendEntriesLabels property and adds Legend.GetLegendLabels() method

Please use Legend.GetLegendLabels() method instead.

Adds GridPivotTableCollection.RemoveAt() method

Remove the PivotTable at the specified index in GridDesktop.

Adds GridSheetRender class

Represents a worksheet render which can render worksheet to various images such as (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF..) in GridDesktop.

Adds GridImageOrPrintOptions class

Allows to specify options when rendering worksheet to images, printing worksheet or rendering chart to image in GridDesktop.

Adds GridSheetPrintingPreview class

Represents worksheet printing preview in GridDesktop.

Adds GridPdfSaveOptions class

Represents the options for saving pdf file in GridDesktop.

Adds  UnhideColumns()/UnhideRows() methods for GridCells

Unhides the hidden columns/rows in GridDesktop.