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Aspose.Cells for .NET 23.7 Release Notes

CELLSNET-53625Support to render background color and border for textbox control in GridWebNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-783Support to render activex control and form control for option button in GridJsNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-845Support to render activex control and form control for ComboBox in GridJsNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-849Implement serverside saveback for combobox selected valueNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-850Add clearHighlights api for highlight featureNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-867Add updateHighlightStyle api for highlight featureNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-851Support display cell text value by indent setting for left or right alignNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-865Support sheet loaded event for GridJsNew Feature
CELLSNET-53568Support visio file type detectionNew Feature
CELLSNET-53571Support OneNote package file type detectionNew Feature
CELLSNET-53597Nuget dependency vulnerability System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs version 6.0.1 (CVE-2023-29331)Enhancement
CELLSGRIDJS-834Continus background color fill exactly match the cell column width and heightEnhancement
CELLSGRIDJS-852Support right-click to show context menu in read mode when showContextmenu setting is trueEnhancement
CELLSGRIDJS-855Support control ui update for textbox/checkbox/radiobutton/combobox when linked cell is setEnhancement
CELLSNET-53594Support XAdES signatures for CSharp X509Certificate2Enhancement
CELLSNET-53623Support Workook digital signature in Blazor Web AssemblyEnhancement
CELLSNET-53624Support VBA signature in Blazor Web AssemblyEnhancement
CELLSNET-53629Support to encrypt/decrypt Ods in Blazor Web AssemblyEnhancement
CELLSNET-53412Aspose.Cells is not working in Blazor app when publishing it using AOTEnhancement
CELLSNET-53584Tooltip box is flipped when converting file to pdfBug
CELLSNET-53318CHAR function returns error value when calling CalculateFormulaBug
CELLSNET-53535Circular reference results by Aspose.Cells do not match with MS ExcelBug
CELLSNET-53546Formula calculation issueBug
CELLSNET-53560Dynamic array formulas were calculated incorrectly as #N/ABug
CELLSNET-53659Worksheet’s standard width changes in generated file when changing the sequences of setting it and applying style to CellsBug
CELLSNET-53668Some cells cannot be calculated correctly after refreshing dynamic array formulas without calculationBug
CELLSNET-53582Unable to take screenshot for the chart that uses spill formulasBug
CELLSNET-51943Docker :A null reference or invalid value was found [GDI+ status: InvalidParameterBug
CELLSNET-53349Graph labels overlap in excel to PDF conversionBug
CELLSNET-53488The horizontal dashed line become rough when converting chart to imageBug
CELLSNET-53619Extra lines appear in the chart when saving the file to SVGBug
CELLSNET-53647The fill type for the chart area is automatic, but none is expectedBug
CELLSNET-53671Chart texts missed when converting XLS to PDFBug
CELLSNET-53542Checkboxes are not shown in the worksheet when importing an Excel file into GridWebBug
CELLSNET-53618Validation error is shown on the customer’s fileBug
CELLSGRIDJS-841Images/shapes/controls does not display correct in zoom levelBug
CELLSGRIDJS-858Missing right and bottom parts when viewing graphics in the browserBug
CELLSGRIDJS-859Border render not aligned for the file deal_56.xlsxBug
CELLSGRIDJS-862Text position inside of text box is not correct for the file invoice1.xlsxBug
CELLSGRIDJS-864After scroll on the page the display location for shape/image with rotation is wrongBug
CELLSNET-53530Some of the cells are missing their background colors in XLSX to HTML conversionBug
CELLSNET-53539Export excel to html with conditional formatting white backgroundBug
CELLSNET-53702Icons text alignment Center or Right(indent) is ignored when converting Workbook to HTMLBug
CELLSNET-53505Failed to set checked status for the radio buttonBug
CELLSNET-53536Regression: Property case sensitivityBug
CELLSNET-53551Data loss when importing XML to ExcelBug
CELLSNET-53562Keep the same paper size when converting Excel to WordBug
CELLSNET-53566Unable to detect apple file type correctlyBug
CELLSNET-53567Unable to detect xhtml file type correctlyBug
CELLSNET-53579Not able to open .XLS FileBug
CELLSNET-53648After filtering the table, the summary row is hiddenBug
CELLSNET-53669Data validation does not work after copying from other fileBug
CELLSNET-53688Changing ExternalLink DataSource corrupts XLSXBug
CELLSNET-53701Multiplies the controls after resaving the fileBug
CELLSNET-53714The text of Data field cannot be replaced normallyBug
CELLSGRIDJS-822Raise exception for image loading in slow 3g networkException
CELLSNET-53666Exception “System.IndexOutOfRangeException” when opening an XLS fileException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Changes behavior of setting Cells.StandardWidth

In old versions, setting standard width for worksheet does not change the width of those columns whose width is defined by default column. This caused inconsistent result when changing the sequence of setting standard width and applying row style. From 23.7, we make the width of default columns change to keep same with the new standard width when user setting this property.

Obsolete FileFormatType.Numbers enum

Please use FileFormatType.Numbers09 instead.

Adds FileFormatType.MicrosoftCabinet and FileFormatType.Rtf enum

Used for detecting file format type.

Adds method Shape.GetActualBox()

Gets the actual position and size of the shape (after applying rotation, flip, etc.)

Adds XmlLoadOptions.ConvertNumericOrDate, XmlLoadOptions.NumberFormat and XmlLoadOptions.DateFormat properties

Represents the options of converting numberic text.

Adds XmlLoadOptions.IgnoreRootAttributes property

Indicates whether ignore the attributes of xml root element.

Removes obsoleted CSV,TSV,ODS,Excel2003XML,XPS,TIFF,SVG,MSEquation,VSD,VSDX,ODT,ODP,ODF,ODG,XML,OTT,BMP,OTS,FODS,SXC and OTP of FileFormatType enum.

Removes those obsoleted file formats.