Aspose.Cells for .NET 23.8 Release Notes

CELLSNET-47162Support to preserve padding spaces in formulasNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-784Support to render activex control and form control for spin button in GridJsNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-872Support select list validationNew Feature
CELLSNET-53871Replace some characters of rich formatting text of the cellNew Feature
CELLSNET-53856Add method Cells.DeleteRow(int rowIndex, bool updateReference) to make apis for row and column consistentEnhancement
CELLSNETCORE-380Support to use Aspose.Cells in AWS lambda function projectEnhancement
CELLSNET-53779Improve the ui display for dropdown list with long list of dataEnhancement
CELLSGRIDJS-871Support textlength/decimal validationEnhancement
CELLSGRIDJS-873Support validation for formula expressionEnhancement
CELLSNET-53698Formulas of some conditional formattings can be ignored when saving xlsbEnhancement
CELLSNET-53874Support replacing text with formattingEnhancement
CELLSNET-53887Insert text to rich formatting cellEnhancement
CELLSNET-53318CHAR function returns error value when calling CalculateFormulaBug
CELLSNET-53752DataSorter does not clear old data when new data is blankBug
CELLSNET-53789Incorrect result of calculating NUMBERVALUE FormulaBug
CELLSNET-53796Function’s calculated value changes from “#REF!” to “#VALUE!” after changing file format from xlsx to xlsBug
CELLSNET-53778Symbols are not aligned with chartBug
CELLSNET-53791Wrong labels at x-axis of chart when saving file to pdfBug
CELLSNET-53814Chart.ToImage results in different axes ticks compared to Excel chartBug
CELLSGRIDJS-860Validation render is not correct for the file deal_56.xlsxBug
CELLSGRIDJS-880Fail to show scrollbar in the worksheet for the customer’s fileBug
CELLSGRIDJS-884Fail to insert/search comment when the active cell is out of view rangeBug
CELLSGRIDJS-885After move/resize operation the image/shape will disappear after scroll downBug
CELLSGRIDJS-889Browser was locked or crashed when first column is hiddenBug
CELLSNET-53724Row 10000 is cut off while converting workbook to PDF with OnePagePerSheet set to trueBug
CELLSNET-53672Issue with rendering contents layout in Excel to HTML conversionBug
CELLSNET-53562Keep the same paper size when converting Excel to WordBug
CELLSNET-53701Multiplies the controls after resaving the fileBug
CELLSNET-53737Conditional formatting range error after shifting a range of cellsBug
CELLSNET-53788Image setting properties of header and footer are changed when resaving the fileBug
CELLSNET-53803Conditional formatting does not work for xlsb file if operator type is betweenBug
CELLSNET-53810Cell range merge error after refreshing pivot tableBug
CELLSNET-53816Data not filled into worksheet cells when Smart Markers field names contain special charactersBug
CELLSNET-53819Table data becomes images when converting Excel file to docxBug
CELLSNET-53823Some borders of merged areas disappeared when converting Excel to docxBug
CELLSNET-53824The exported columns’ width in docx is not same in xlsxBug
CELLSNET-53844Top 10 calculation error in Values Filter after refreshing pivot tableBug
CELLSNET-53850Greater than calculation error in Values Filter after refreshing pivot tableBug
CELLSNET-53851Exception occurred while refreshing pivot tableBug
CELLSNET-53854The value of pivot calculated field is not same as MS Excel.Bug
CELLSNET-53855Range.CurrentRegion is taking very long time for big tables in workbookBug
CELLSNET-53863Grand Total value is not correct with pivot table filter.Bug
CELLSNET-53885Copying a range does not copy all bordersBug
CELLSNET-53869Web designer raise error after update dll from 23.2 to 23.3 or higher for GridWebException
CELLSNETCORE-450System.NullReferenceException is thrown when rendering combo chart in Excel file to SVGException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds FormulaSettings.PreservePaddingSpaces property

Indicates whether to preserve those spaces and line breaks that are padded between formula tokens while getting and setting formulas.

Adds LoadOptions.PreservePaddingSpacesInFormula property

Indicates whether to preserve those spaces and line breaks that are padded between formula tokens while parsing formulas that imported from template file.

Adds Cells.DeleteRow(int rowIndex, bool updateReference) method

One override method for deleting row with specified flag of updating references.

Adds AbstractCalculationEngine.IsParamArrayModeRequired property and CalculationData.GetParamValueInArrayMode(int index, int maxRowCount, int maxColumnCount) method

Provides those apis for user’s special requirement of getting parameter’s values in array mode while calculating custom functions.

Adds Cell.InsertText() method

Inserts text to the cell.

Adds Cell.Replace() method.

Replaces text of the cell with options.

Adds ReplaceOptions.FontSettings options.

Replaces the old text with rich formatting text.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.IsIECompatible property.

Indicates whether the output HTML is compatible with IE browser.