Aspose.Cells for .NET 23.9 Release Notes

CELLSNET-53805Support to calculate parameters as Array for custom calculation engineNew Feature
CELLSNET-53890Support to calculate LAMBDA functionNew Feature
CELLSNET-53891Support to calculate MAP functionNew Feature
CELLSNET-53940Support to update existing custom functions for calculating parameter as array modeNew Feature
CELLSNET-53941Support to parse and calculate formula with user defined custom function and definitionNew Feature
CELLSNET-54098Support to calculate SCAN functionNew Feature
CELLSNET-54023Support excluding specific data when exporting data to DataTableNew Feature
CELLSNET-54077Support localization for GridDesktopNew Feature
CELLSNET-54104Support picture click event for GridDesktopNew Feature
CELLSNET-54120Auto extend empty rows/columns when scroll down/right like excel for GridDesktopNew Feature
CELLSGRIDJS-897Support to select text within a textbox control while in read only modeNew Feature
CELLSNET-54007Support to output thread comments to sheet end while rendering to pdfNew Feature
CELLSNET-53937Supports obtaining default table style and default pivot table styleNew Feature
CELLSNET-54076Provide apis to get filtered series of chartNew Feature
CELLSNET-53047Support Encoding for VBA projectEnhancement
CELLSNET-53962Support data type detection when exporting data to DataTableEnhancement
CELLSNET-53985Support Refreshing All of the workbookEnhancement
CELLSNET-54040Support multiply papers for docx.Enhancement
CELLSNET-53886Issue with evaluating dynamic array formula within custom calculation engineBug
CELLSNET-53950Dynamic array formula cannot be refreshed correctly when one depends on the calculated result of another oneBug
CELLSNET-53961Regression: Cell.StringValueWithoutFormat() not returnign correct valueBug
CELLSNET-54072The program runs continuously during Trim formula calculation without endingBug
CELLSNET-54150IF function with array condition and reference values of blank cells cannot be calculated correctly when it is used by other functionsBug
CELLSNET-53057The series rendering of combo charts is incompleteBug
CELLSNET-53900Graph lines disappear when converted to PDF or PNGBug
CELLSNET-53988label postion is not correct for the chartBug
CELLSNET-54003Legend items are not correct for the chartBug
CELLSNET-54055Upgrading Aspose.Cells causes saving an image of a bubble chart to be distortedBug
CELLSGRIDJS-895switch to another worksheet after the newly inserted image is not fully loaded will cause the image never showBug
CELLSGRIDJS-896spreadsheet selector range has fractional eciBug
CELLSGRIDJS-898support select on the images and shapes in readonly modeBug
CELLSGRIDJS-899border display not same as in excelBug
CELLSGRIDJS-900Merge area doesnot render correct in print viewBug
CELLSGRIDJS-902Right click on textbox does not show context menuBug
CELLSNET-53860XLSX to PDF: Content shifted to next pageBug
CELLSNET-54004Not able to print comments using Aspose.Cells when generating PDF with empty Excel sheet which has only comments and notesBug
CELLSNET-54089Incomplete content display when saving file to PDFBug
CELLSNET-54119Page size is not reflected when converting file to pdfBug
CELLSNET-53972Wrap text property not working when saving Excel to HTMLBug
CELLSNET-53190The Japanese display name of VBA module is not correct in navigation barBug
CELLSNET-53562Keep the same paper size when converting Excel to WordBug
CELLSNET-53866File crashes after deleting the worksheet and resaving the fileBug
CELLSNET-53946Data error in pivot table after refreshing pivot tablesBug
CELLSNET-53948Check box status changes for selecting multiple items after refreshing pivot tablesBug
CELLSNET-53977GetValidation() returning the wrong validation values listBug
CELLSNET-53978Conditional formatting extended but created individual styles per cell instead of a single style for the whole rangeBug
CELLSNET-53980Aspose.Cells corrupts password-protected XLS files with ActiveX controls after re-saveBug
CELLSNET-53981Aspose.Cells does not save modified text in an ActiveX control in non-password-protected XLS filesBug
CELLSNET-53984Issue with copying a range when cells have the “Wrap text” flag set to trueBug
CELLSNET-53991Check the released 23.8Bug
CELLSNET-54009Issue with pivot table which is removed after opening and re-saving the Excel fileBug
CELLSNET-54093The color of display unit label should be redBug
CELLSNET-54095Split type of series should be Position not automaticBug
CELLSNET-54113Formula is not correct after calling Cells.InsertCutCells methodBug
CELLSNETCORE-452Broken numberings in Excel to SVG conversionBug
CELLSNET-53994Range merge exception while refreshing pivot table after setting IsHidden propertyException
CELLSNET-54057NullReferenceException occurs while refreshing pivot tableException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds CustomFunctionDefinition class

The abstract class to support user to specify some special settings for custom functions by implementing it.

Adds Workbook.UpdateCustomFunctionDefinition(CustomFunctionDefinition definition) method

Supports to update all formulas which reference to custom functions according to user’s custom definition for them.

Adds FormulaParseOptions.CustomFunctionDefinition property

Supports to parse formula with user’s custom definition for custom functions.

Adds overloaded Worksheet.CalculateFormula(…) method

Supports to parse and calculate given formula with custom options and other conditions.

Adds overloaded Worksheet.CalculateArrayFormula(…) method

Supports to parse and calculate given formula as array formula with custom options and other conditions.

Adds Worksheet.ConvertFormulaReferenceStyle(string formula, bool toR1C1, int baseCellRow, int baseCellColumn) method

Converts the reference style between R1C1 and A1 for the given formula.

Adds CellValue class

Represents the cell value and corresponding type.

Adds virtual method ExportTableOptions.PreprocessExportedValue(int cellRow, int cellColumn, CellValue value)

Provides user the ability of checking and replacing some special cell types and values when exporting.

Adds Dispose() method for SheetRender and WorkbookRender

Provides user the ability to explicitly release resources created during rendering.

Adds EbookLoadOptions and EbookSaveOptions class

Represents options when importing/exporting an ebook file.

Adds GridDesktop.SetCustomResourceManager(ResourceManager customResourceManager) method

Sets custom resource manager to implement user defined localization.

Adds GridWeb.DPI property

Gets and Sets the DPI of the machine.

Adds FileFormatType.Epub, LoadFormat.Epub, SaveFormat.Epub enum

Represents an EPUB file.

Adds Chart.FilteredNSeries property

Represents the data series collection that are not selected in the chart.

Adds Series.IsFiltered  property

Supports to filter the series in the chart. True represents this series is filtered, and it will not be displayed on the chart.

Adds CommentTitleType.Note and Reply enum type

Represents comment title note and reply.

Obsolete CellsHelper.ConvertR1C1FormulaToA1()/ConvertA1FormulaToR1C1() methods

Please use Worksheet.ConvertFormulaReferenceStyle() method instead.

Obsolete PdfSecurityOptions.ExtractContentPermissionObsolete property

Please use PdfSecurityOptions.ExtractContentPermission property instead.

Adds TableStyleCollection.DefaultTableStyleName and TableStyleCollection.DefaultPivotStyleName properties.

Gets and sets the default style name of the table and pivot.

Adds WorksheetCollection.RefreshAll() method.

Refreshes all Pivottables and Pivot Charts.

Adds Validation.GetValue() mthod.

Gets the result of validation in the cell.