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Aspose.Cells for PHP via Java 23.5 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-45230Support to add watermark while rendering to pdfNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-45334The data in the text box is out of boundsBug
CELLSJAVA-45336Text is moved when converting grouped autoshapes to pdfBug
CELLSJAVA-45364Vertical text in figure in Excel is slanted when converted to PDFBug
CELLSJAVA-45366Oval shape display error when exporting file to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45369Replaced font of text boxes issuesBug
CELLSJAVA-45290Conditional formatting reference rules are not updated fine when copying ranges from one workbook to another workbookBug
CELLSJAVA-45362Error plot is not displayedBug
CELLSJAVA-45363Endless loop when converting charts to imageBug
CELLSJAVA-45239Cell vertical Justification alignment does not take effect when saving to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45335Text is misplaced when cell is formatted as number in output htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45323Removing auto-fit settings on pivot table columns removes the pivot table’s style/formattingBug
CELLSJAVA-45341Charts style is lost when loading old workbook stream and savingBug
CELLSJAVA-45351Format pivot area only includes pivot field subtotalsBug
CELLSJAVA-45374Program stucks on opening XML fileBug
CELLSJAVA-45319Slice angle of pie 3D chart is incorrect when converting file to ODSBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Changes behavior of ExternalLinkCollection.Clear(bool)/RemoveAt(int,bool) methods

In old versions, when “updateReferencesAsLocal” is true, we only update those references of external names to local names of current workbook. For references of external sheet data, we updated them as “#REF!” always. From 23.5, if there is one worksheet in current workbook with the same sheet name of the external reference, then the reference will be updated to the local sheet too.

Adds Row.iterator(bool reversed, bool sync) method

Provide user the ability of traversing Cell in reversed order.

Obsoletes Cells.getRowEnumerator()

Please use RowCollection.iterator() instead.

Obsoletes Chart.IsReferedByChart() method and adds Chart.IsCellReferedByChart() method

Please use Chart.IsCellReferedByChart() instead.

Adds SeriesLayoutProperties.IsIntervalLeftClosed property

Indicates whether the interval is closed on the left side.

Adds ShapeTextAlignment.IsLockedText property

Indicates whether the text of the shape is locked.

Removes obsoleted ShapeFormat class and Shape.ShapeFormat

Use Shape.Line and Shape.Fill property instead.

Adds ListColumn.TotalsRowLabel property

Gets and sets the label of toals row in the table.

Adds ListObject.PutCellValue(Int32,Int32,Object,Boolean) method

Sets the value to the cell in the table.

Adds PivotAreaType enum and PivotArea.RuleType property

Gets and sets the type of pivot area in the pivot table.

Adds PivotTableFormat class

Represents the format for the PivotTable.

Adds PivotTableFormatCollection class

Represents all formats for the PivotTable.

Adds PivotTable.PivotFormats property

Gets and adds all formats for the PivotTable.

Adds PivotTable.AutofitColumnWidthOnUpdate property

Indicates whether auot fitting column width when refreshing PivotTable.

Adds PivotAreaFilter and PivotAreaFilterCollection class

Represents the filters to select pivot area in the PivotTable.

Adds PivotArea.Filters property

Represents the filters to select pivot area in the PivotTable.

Adds PivotArea.IsRowGrandIncluded and PivotArea.IsColumnGrandIncluded properties

Indicates wehther including row or column grand total into the area.

Adds PivotArea.AxisType property

Gets and sets the region of the PivotTable to which this rule applies.

Adds PivotArea.IsOutline property

Indicates whether the rule refers to the pivot area that is in outline mode.

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.SetDesiredSize(int desiredWidth, int desiredHeight, bool keepAspectRatio) method

Sets desired width and height of image, and specify whether to keep aspect ratio of origin image.

Obsoletes ImageOrPrintOptions.SetDesiredSize(int desiredWidth, int desiredHeight) method

Please use ImageOrPrintOptions.SetDesiredSize(desiredWidth, desiredHeight, false) instead.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.Watermark property

Gets or sets watermark to output.

Adds RenderingFont and RenderingWatermark classes

For adding watermark to output of rendering.

Adds AutoFitterOptions.ForRendering property

Indicates whether fit for rendering purpose.

Changes definition of EquationNodeParagraph.EquationHorizontalJustificationType

Change from instance variable to property/method access.