Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET 22.11 Release Notes

CELLSPYTHONNET-82Re-saving an XLSM file having ActiveX controls corrupted the macros in the fileBug
CELLSNET-52026Support copying timelineNew Feature
CELLSNET-52022Distinguish or differentiate between CSE legacy array formula and normal array formulaEnhancement
CELLSNET-52156Disable merged table cells when saving XLSX to HTMLEnhancement
CELLSNET-52159Support to parse collapsed property when converting html to excelEnhancement
CELLSNET-51939XLSX to PDF: Content misalignmentBug
CELLSNET-51940XLS to PDF: Content misalignment in cellsBug
CELLSNET-52068XLSX to PDF: Shapes missing/Layout collapseBug
CELLSNET-52092Character printing and spacing in the figures of Excel is cut offBug
CELLSNET-52186Shapes/boxes are empty when converting XLSX document to PDFBug
CELLSNET-52225XLSX to PDF Characters in text boxes reversedBug
CELLSNET-52086External connections corrupted in the generated fileBug
CELLSNET-52133Excel formulas are wrapped with curly braces in the re-saved xlsb fileBug
CELLSNET-52158Incorrect circular reference detectionBug
CELLSNET-52174Cell.IsArrayFormula is false for array formula after being read from xlsb template fileBug
CELLSNET-52217Lookup functions were calculated incorrectly for some large numbersBug
CELLSNET-52221Dynamic array formula has not been spilled correctly for XLOOKUPBug
CELLSNET-52232Single quotes are removed from external link’s sheet nameBug
CELLSNET-52198Overlapping issue when converting charts as image filesBug
CELLSNET-52043Issue when calculating “PageSetup.Zoom” with HorizontalPageBreaksBug
CELLSNET-52157Page border overlaps text while converting to pdfBug
CELLSNET-52118Inconsistent result across different formats when html is set to cell in OpenOffice and LibreCalcBug
CELLSNET-52125Index was out of range for range.copy with pictureBug
CELLSNET-52143The relationship type of the link is changed when converting an XLS file to XLSMBug
CELLSNET-52144XLS to XLSM conversion changing link relationship typeBug
CELLSNET-52151Saving xlsb replaced all comments with last commentBug
CELLSNET-52152Row height value is incorrect when AutoFit row operation is applied through Aspose.CellsBug
CELLSNET-52155Conditional formatting lost after Range copyBug
CELLSNET-52181XLSX to HTML: Cells range is not exported correctlyBug
CELLSNET-52214Last row content gets truncated in the output Excel fileBug
CELLSNET-52236Smart marker (group:merge) does not work for merged cellsBug
CELLSNET-52241Boxes (shapes) in the document do not appear in the output PDFBug
CELLSNET-52243Modifying VBA project will throw an error when workbook is savedBug