Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET 23.3 Release Notes

CELLSPYTHONNET-116Support Put float value to cellsNew Feature
CELLSNET-52857Support to set/read/save ENCODEURL functionNew Feature
CELLSNET-52921Support to set/read/save LET functionNew Feature
CELLSNET-52605Support dependency of System.Drawing.Common from 6.0.0 for net6 and net7Enhancement
CELLSNET-52840Update calculated column formula when copyingEnhancement
CELLSNET-52742Text shadow effect disappears when saving file to pdfBug
CELLSNET-52802The text font color of smart art should be blackBug
CELLSNET-52634SUBTOTAL and other aggregate functions do not work correctly inside a dynamic array formulaBug
CELLSNET-52752Incorrect value returns when calculating SWITCH statement Array FormulaBug
CELLSNET-52771Issue with calculating array formulas with external links having INDIRECT functionsBug
CELLSNET-52858Formula error while converting xlsx to xlsBug
CELLSNET-52770Missing axis tick labels when converting chart to image in NetCore projectBug
CELLSNET-52888Exporting image from chart is not the same showing on ExcelBug
CELLSNET-52565Github demo: datasource bind example does not workBug
CELLSNET-52861Setting editable range does not take affect in GridWebBug
CELLSNET-52890Github demo: GridWeb’s SessionModes not workBug
CELLSNET-44789Incorrect margins for xlsx to pdf conversionsBug
CELLSNET-52340Text box is not visible when converting xlsx to pdfBug
CELLSNET-52759Merged area missing border when saving file to pdfBug
CELLSNET-52801Zorder was not respected when saving PDF if object covers more than one pageBug
CELLSNET-52897XLS to PDF: Chart EMF image not renderedBug
CELLSNET-49337HTML to XLSX: Some styles are not shown properlyBug
CELLSNET-52019Excel to HTML conversion - some data columns are shifted and formatting is brokenBug
CELLSNET-52501Copying range from source to target workbook does not copy data/objects properlyBug
CELLSNET-52730PNG images inside cells are not converted into output PDFBug
CELLSNET-52736Content lost after re-saving the Excel fileBug
CELLSNET-52749Utilizing Resize method results in corrupted output fileBug
CELLSNET-52788The width of copied comments is wrongBug
CELLSNET-52792File corruption after specifying image type when saving excel to imageBug
CELLSNET-52822The comment margin settings changes from Automatic to FixedBug
CELLSNET-52824The start position, font and character spacing of the text box character string are changedBug
CELLSNET-52834Copied table is corrupted when copying range from other sheet.Bug
CELLSNET-52839Xls file is corrupted if the chart title is a constant formulaBug
CELLSNET-52871Expand tables and move other tables beneath itBug
CELLSNET-52873XLSB to HTML: Table style is not retained upon conversionBug
CELLSNET-52896An Exception should be thrown when shifting the part of the table.Bug
CELLSNET-52917The result file crashes when inserting Range above TableBug
CELLSNET-52922Unit type of Y Axis should be visible when coverting chart to pdf.Bug
CELLSNET-52901Chart title is missing for treemap chartBug
CELLSNET-52741Shape to image Error when saving file to pdf after copying WorkbookException
CELLSNET-52828Null reference exception when copying a rangeException
CELLSNET-52829Exception is thrown when rendering ODS file preview with optional OnePagePerSheetException
CELLSNET-52830Exception for saving and getting previewException