Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET 23.4 Release Notes

CELLSNET-52860Support to calculating ENCODEURL functionNew Feature
CELLSNET-53092Support to save xlsb file in LightCells modeNew Feature
CELLSNET-53098CalculateFormula() multiply arrayNew Feature
CELLSNET-53136Support render activex control and form control for checkbox in GridWebNew Feature
CELLSNET-53151Support render activex control for textbox in GridWebNew Feature
CELLSNET-53152Support render activex control and form control for option button in GridWebNew Feature
CELLSNET-53059Add API for checking whether font is installed or availableNew Feature
CELLSNET-53064Support to set formula to specified cell in the ListObjectNew Feature
CELLSNET-52903CODE function returns different values n Excel and Aspose.CellsEnhancement
CELLSNET-53128Improve the center aligned text when exporting to htmlEnhancement
CELLSNET-53135Save name of the sheet as name of the node when convert excel to xmlEnhancement
CELLSNET-53079Shape corruption when saving file to pdfBug
CELLSNET-52982Error occurs when setting LET formula for cellBug
CELLSNET-530091.36 becomes 1.3599999999999999 after reading from xlsx template fileBug
CELLSNET-53132Worksheet.CalculateFormula method calculates invalid formula incorrectlyBug
CELLSNET-53139Issue reading decimals more than 15charsBug
CELLSNET-53049Gridline is not consistent with Excel in the output PDFBug
CELLSNET-53078GetPrintingPageBreaks returns incorrect valuesBug
CELLSNET-53123The image covered text in converted pdfBug
CELLSNET-53103Tables are merged and cut off while converting to HtmlBug
CELLSNET-52661Converting particular Xlsx to Pptx produce broken resultBug
CELLSNET-52953Cell alignment in Excel HTML is wrongBug
CELLSNET-52968The autofitted columns cannot contain all contentsBug
CELLSNET-52993Aspose.Cells does not detect file format properlyBug
CELLSNET-53035AutoFitRows does not work in combination with merged cells and bordersBug
CELLSNET-53048Generted file is corrupted If Module.Name contians JapaneseBug
CELLSNET-53063Cells.InsertRows does not copy the formula set for a table columnBug
CELLSNET-53065Font style underline does not apply to WordArtBug
CELLSNET-53082Problem with content popup appear after saving .xlsb fileBug
CELLSNET-53089Display the Calculation Settings message when opening generated ods file in MS ExcelBug
CELLSNET-53104Copying worksheets or workbooks does not preserve table sortingBug
CELLSNET-53111Justify distributed alignment is missing when saving file to xlsBug
CELLSNET-53115Sparkline chart is missing when converting file to ODSBug
CELLSNET-53117The result file crashes when converting the file with pivot table to ODSBug
CELLSNET-53118Render Chart when converting file to ODSBug
CELLSNET-53119Multiple chart losses when converting file to ODSBug
CELLSNET-53120Stock chart missing in the output ODS file from an XLSX fileBug
CELLSNET-53125Named ranges disappear from macro-enabled workbook when reopened after saveBug
CELLSNET-53138The pivot table it is no longer displayed in report connectionsBug
CELLSNET-53157An internal link between sheets in a workbook does not work when converting mht to excelBug
CELLSNET-53108An exception occurred while loading htmlException