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Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET 24.6 Release Notes

CELLSNET-55833Added color saturation and color temperature adjustment functions for imagesNew Feature
CELLSNET-55842Image Recoloring: Add ability to render duotonesNew Feature
CELLSNET-55606Support outline of the star characters in chartNew Feature
CELLSNET-55578Support Range.ToHtml() methodNew Feature
CELLSNET-55819Support align axis x values to the right when converting chart to imageEnhancement
CELLSNET-55914Support converting workbook contians Webp image to pdf and image for net6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 on LinuxEnhancement
CELLSNET-55580Support Range.ToImage() methodEnhancement
CELLSNET-55680Enhancement for merging range of pivot tableEnhancement
CELLSNET-55698Enhancement for “Show Values as” of pivot fieldEnhancement
CELLSNET-55827Handle the “Index was out of range” exception when reading template file which contains invalid dataEnhancement
CELLSNET-55828Handle the “Destination array is not long enough” exception when reading template file which contains invalid dataEnhancement
CELLSNET-55715Asian multiline text break issue for shapes when rendering Excel file to PDFBug
CELLSNET-55830Some hyperlinks for SmartArts are no longer available in the output PDFBug
CELLSNET-55862Image Recoloring: Fix rendering failure after setting grayscale and black and white coloringBug
CELLSNET-55882Fix algorithm error in code regarding ‘satMod’Bug
CELLSNET-55928The added scroll bar object is not visibleBug
CELLSNET-55533Data loss occurs when converting a chart to an imageBug
CELLSNET-55643Saving workbook is treating chart titles as All caps by default instead of NoneBug
CELLSNET-55738Further optimize the data label location for the combined chartBug
CELLSNET-55787Last bar in Bar-Chart is not displaying when converting file to pdfBug
CELLSNET-55818Vertical line in chart is misaligned in the output SVGBug
CELLSNET-55846Incorrect chart representation when converting XLSX to PDFBug
CELLSNET-55504Iconset conditional formatting is covered by numbers when rendering sheet to imageBug
CELLSNET-55704Save Excel to PDF cause Picture changed to other PictureBug
CELLSNET-55771XLSX to PDF: Pagination different than in MS ExcelBug
CELLSNET-55783Preserving hyperlink function not working when converting Excel file to PDFBug
CELLSNET-55786Punctuation symbol display error when converting file to pdfBug
CELLSNET-55853Justified text is further left than left aligned text in PDF, but not in ExcelBug
CELLSNET-55863Image format messed up after converting to pdfBug
CELLSNET-55802The bold font becomes normal when converting html to xlsxBug
CELLSNET-55804Issue with hyperlink in cellBug
CELLSNET-55838Some letters in the cell not visible even after using Worksheet.AutoFitColumns when rendering worksheet to HTMLBug
CELLSNET-55871The HtmlSaveOptions.AddTooltipText and HtmlSaveOptions.FormatDataIgnoreColumnWidth properties are invalid when saving file to HTMLBug
CELLSNET-55893The position and order of notes are incorrect when converting file to htmlBug
CELLSNET-55488Improve layout of pivottable contains pivot calculate itemsBug
CELLSNET-55579Support Converting range to JSONBug
CELLSNET-55687Convert pivot table which data is consolidation from xlsx to xlsBug
CELLSNET-55709Corrupted xlsx file was generated when pivot calcuated item refers to a numberic label.Bug
CELLSNET-55716Row data hiding error when filtering blanksBug
CELLSNET-55742Lost time value when reading xlsb which contains time pivot fieldsBug
CELLSNET-55743Cells.UnMerge() unmerged more rows than the specified rangeBug
CELLSNET-55748Notes formattings are lost when copying worksheetBug
CELLSNET-55750Properties from Custom XML part are added as custom properties while saving XLSM to XLSBug
CELLSNET-55756Font color of “notes” or “comments” changed to white when copying selective data from Excel workbook to other workbooksBug
CELLSNET-55757Repair corrupted file which defined names’ text is greater than limitationBug
CELLSNET-55768OleObject.ObjectSourceFullName is null for an embedded image in the worksheetBug
CELLSNET-55800Obtain incorrect value when calling the NeedQuoteInFormula methodBug
CELLSNET-55839Generated XLS file is corrupted when we try to add long hyperlinksBug
CELLSNET-55848Generated xlsx file is corrupted when embedding an xlsx fileBug
CELLSNET-55887Copied slicer Shape to image Error!Bug
CELLSNET-55888Worksheet.AutoFitColumns() is throwing errorBug
CELLSNET-55943Named range for pivot table is translated when opening/saving file with Aspose.Cells in German ExcelBug
CELLSNET-55944Comments were misplaced when moving rowsBug
CELLSNET-55135Refreshing a Pivot table with calculated items causes an exception after importing xmlException
CELLSNET-55813ArgumentOutOfRangeException when saving file after copying the workbook data to other workbookException