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Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services V2.0.0 Release Notes

Please welcome a new release of Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services V2.0.0.

Major Features

Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services Report Designer optimization.

Other Improvements and Changes

 New Features

  •  (SSRS-40147) Dynamic Formula to sum table column
  •  (SSRS-40144) Configuring Report Servers to store/cache the report server data
  •  (SSRS-40142) Support Shared DataSets
  •  (SSRS-40113) Negative Values in perantheses
  •  (SSRS-40103) Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services Report Designer import report define file for SQL Server 2008


  •  (SSRS-40150) Document map does not export to Excel 2007 correctly 
  •  (SSRS-40149) Report is losing the grouping rows and columns
  •  (SSRS-40148) Root element is missing error when the report has group rows
  •  (SSRS-40141) Illegal CLS character in tablix name
  •  (SSRS-40140) Incorrect rendering when outputting to Excel 2007
  •  (SSRS-40138) Error “The same worksheet name already exists” while rendering report
  •  (SSRS-40137) Few column of ssrs report are merging in three cells in xlsx.
  •  (SSRS-40134) Several formatting strings are not interpreting correctly when opened on an iPhone
  •  (SSRS-40133) Aspose Excel Hyperlink Issue
  •  (SSRS-40132) Report failing when rendering Groups into a page with or without expressions
  •  (SSRS-40131) Columns width is not wrapped on cases for the Aspose Data Only renderer
  •  (SSRS-40130) Currency Formatting Issues
  •  (SSRS-40129) Conditional Page Breaking not working in Aspose Renderers
  •  (SSRS-40128) SSRS Export to XLSX shrinking Column Headers
  •  (SSRS-40127) Aspose Data Only Report Output - Page2 is not controlled through the Config for Report Header
  •  (SSRS-40126) First Report Column Output is merged into Two Excel Columns
  •  (SSRS-40125) Currency Formatting Issues with Excel and Data Only Excel
  •  (SSRS-40124) Cells Reporting Services 2008R2 adding Group total row incorrectly
  •  (SSRS-40123) Extra Row Merged in report
  •  (SSRS-40122) Incorrect date time format when exporting to Excel 2007
  •  (SSRS-40120) Incorrect Time Format When Exporting to Excel 2007
  •  (SSRS-40119) Aspose Data Only Renderer - Page Break issue
  •  (SSRS-40118) Incorrectly Named Worksheets when exporting to Excel 2007
  •  (SSRS-40117) Report rendering incorrectly when exported to Excel
  •  (SSRS-40116) PutoutFooter
  •  (SSRS-40115) Additional Rows when exporting to Excel 2007
  •  (SSRS-40114) Horizontal Report Format
  •  (SSRS-40112) Inserting Extra Sheets on Exported Workbook
  •  (SSRS-40111) Error Exporting Report
  •  (SSRS-40109) Excel 2007 XLSX rendering issues
  •  (SSRS-40108) Excel Found Unreadable Content
  •  (SSRS-40107) Table is not generated as Tablix in the RDL
  •  (SSRS-40106) Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  •  (SSRS-40105) An error occurred while exporting the report in XLSX Reporting Services
  •  (SSRS-40102) SSRS Grouping problem when exporting to xlsx
  •  (SSRS-40101) Aspose Excel 2007 Export Error with workbook
  •  (SSRS-40100) Runtime error
  •  (SSRS-40098) Conditional Formatting NOT working
  •  (SSRS-40097) CSVRenderer - FieldDelimiter
  •  (SSRS-40095) Error on Aspose.Cells SSRS
  •  (SSRS-40094) Dyn hide with paramters
  •  (SSRS-40093) Problem with trial software - Only getting back one row
  •  (SSRS-40092) Format issues with Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services
  •  (SSRS-40091) Saving Report File Failed - Excel rendering using image
  •  (SSRS-40089) visibility issue with tablix in SSRS
  •  (SSRS-40087) No Excel “Document Map” available in Aspose Cells for SSRS 2005?