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Aspose.Diagram for .NET 22.6

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  • 10/6/2022

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Curved Shapes VSDX to SVG Conversion

Convert Microsoft Visio® VSDX curved diagrams or simple drawings to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) image format. The following is a simple VSDX to SVG converter C# code example:

// the path to the documents directory.
string dataDir = RunExamples.GetDataDir_LoadSaveConvert();

// call the diagram constructor to load diagram from a VSD file
Diagram diagram = new Diagram(dataDir + "Drawing1.vsdx");

// create an instance SVG save options class
SVGSaveOptions options = new SVGSaveOptions();
ShapeCollection shapes = options.Shapes;

// get shapes by page index and shape ID, and then add in the shape collection object

// save Visio drawing
diagram.Save(dataDir + "SelectiveShapes_out.svg", options);

Improved HTML quality when Converted from Visio®

While converting or exporting Microsoft Visio® diagrams to HTML format, the quality of the resultant HTML has been considerably improved. The following is a simple VSD to HTML converter C# code example:

// For complete examples and data files, please go to
// The path to the documents directory.
string dataDir = RunExamples.GetDataDir_LoadSaveConvert();
// Load diagram
Diagram diagram = new Diagram(dataDir + "ExportToHTML.vsd");
// Save diagram
diagram.Save(dataDir + "outputVSDtoHTML.html", SaveFileFormat.HTML);

Get or Set HTML DPI Resolution

Ability to get or set the resolution of the resultant HTML in dots per inch (DPI). The following is a simple C# code example that demonstrates how to set the HTML page resolution to 96 DPI via .NET API:

HTMLSaveOptions option = new HTMLSaveOptions();
option.Resolution = 96;

For a complete list of features, enhancements, and bug fixed in this release please visit, Aspose.Diagram for .NET 22.6 Release Notes.