Aspose.Diagram for .NET 20.6 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

DIAGRAMNET-50778Diagram exception occurred on saving a VSS to PDFEnhancement
DIAGRAMNET-51845Provide support of .NET framework 5.0Enhancement
DIAGRAMNET-50537VSD to PDF conversion, the line breaks are not preservedBug
DIAGRAMNET-50539VSD to PDF conversion, hyperlinks are misplaced from the original positionBug
DIAGRAMNET-50996The text items are not aligned properly on converting a VSDX to PNGBug
DIAGRAMNET-51118The text items are displaced on converting VSD pages to SVGsBug
DIAGRAMNET-51125The Visio page out of index error occurred on saving a VSD into PNG formatBug
DIAGRAMNET-51329VSDM to SVG - the line breaks are not preservedBug
DIAGRAMNET-51838Aspose.Diagram 20.4: Exception when converting particular VSDX to JPGBug
DIAGRAMNET-51842Small uppercase setting is not handledBug
DIAGRAMNET-51843Aspose.Diagram 20.5: Loading particular VSDX document with venture licensing raises an exceptionBug
DIAGRAMNET-51846Shape with borders results in no borders in PDFBug
DIAGRAMNET-51849Replace an Excel to Picture Shape - CheckBox MissingBug
DIAGRAMNET-51850Unable to remove personal information from Excel Object in the Visio diagramBug
DIAGRAMNET-51853Null reference exception when converting VSDXBug