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Aspose.Drawing for .NET 22.11 Release Notes

Major Features

Several improvements and features were added this month. The most notable are:

  • Implemented GraphicsPath.Widen()
  • Implemented Pen.Transform
  • Implemented Bitmap.Clone() and Image.Clone() for all image formats
  • Implemented saving and loading png with Format1bppIndexed
  • Added support for reading bmp images with alpha channel
  • Added support for loading CMYK JPEG
  • Added support for saving png in true color without transparency
  • Added support for “Normal” font style name
  • Added fonts loading with unknown extensions
  • Added substring font fallback for the multiline text mode
  • Added handling for characters that can’t be found in any installed fonts
  • Added canvas.Clip recovery from exceptions
  • Corrected MeasureString behavior with multirow text
  • Corrected rotated text decoration drawing
  • Corrected path clipping
  • Corrected bit reading in 1bpp bitmap
  • Fixed texture brush width=1 drawing

Got a Query?

Have any questions or queries about the API? Please feel free to reach us on Aspose.Drawing support forum where our technical team will be more than happy to assist you further.