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Aspose.Drawing for .NET 22.9 Release Notes

Major Features

Several improvements and features were added this month. The most notable are:

  • Increased character spacing in text drawing
  • Implemented saving to 1 bpp .tiff and .bmp
  • Implemented loading a greyscale jpeg as an indexed image
  • Implemented Matrix.TransformVectors()
  • Added trailing spaces separation in MeasureCharacterRanges
  • Added support for hinting to MeasureCharacterRanges
  • Added autocorrection for unpadded size in BMP header
  • Improved tiff SaveAdd performance
  • Enabled loading image files from a web stream
  • Fixed region intersection, union, xor, exclusion and complement with a path
  • Disabled saving image format detection by file extension
  • Corrected the text layout line breaking algorithm
  • Corrected GraphicsPath.CloseFigure()

Got a Query?

Have any questions or queries about the API? Please feel free to reach us on Aspose.Drawing support forum where our technical team will be more than happy to assist you further.