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Aspose.Email for Android via Java 18.11 Release Notes


EMAILNET-39189Specify created and last modified dates in ICSEnhancement
EMAILNET-39190Modification of PRODID in ICSEnhancement
EMAILNET-39184Attachments are missing in the signed emailEnhancement
EMAILNET-39199Fail to save attachments for Digitally Signed emailsEnhancement
EMAILNET-39159MapiMessage.SetBodyContent() generates exception if string ends with opening angle bracketBug
EMAILJAVA-34447Aspose.Email and Outlook display different text in case of unreadable characters.Bug
EMAILNET-39167The output MSG got truncatedBug
EMAILNET-39152FolderInfo.deleteChildItem method call thrown NullPointerExceptionBug
EMAILNET-39153PST modification. System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been addedBug
EMAILNET-39154Unable to read To Email Address from EML fileBug
EMAILNET-39158Converting MSG to HTML results in missing closing span tagBug
EMAILNET-39160An error raises while coping a calendar from PST file to Exchange calendarBug
EMAILNET-39162Copying messages from one PST to another leads to losing attachments of enclosed messagesBug
EMAILNET-39163Extracted MSG from PST file has corrupted attachmentBug
EMAILNET-39165Incomplete MHT file when saving a Calendar EventBug
EMAILNET-39168Email To PDF conversion adds styles to the top of the documentBug
EMAILNET-39169Calendar is added as attachment file in the EML message instead of previewBug
EMAILJAVA-34453Number is Skipped in HTML Body ContentBug
EMAILNET-39172Japanese Characters Appearing as Question Marks in PreviewBug
EMAILNET-39173How to get date in local format in MHT from outlook eventBug
EMAILNET-39176Clearing Attachments from TNEF is not workingBug
EMAILNET-39178MailMessage.ValidateMessage fails for certain text filesBug
EMAILNET-39180FileUnder property is not set when VCF contact is loaded to MapiContactBug
EMAILNET-39181Display as shows only email address after converting from VCF to MSGBug
EMAILNET-39182Comma(,) added to address fields when converting from VCF to MSGBug
EMAILNET-39183Converting ICS to MSGBug
EMAILNET-39185Mail body does not contain URLsBug
EMAILNET-39187ICS generated by Aspose.Email does not wrap lines according to specificationBug
EMAILNET-39188PRODID has a typo error in ICS fileBug
EMAILNET-39195The space character separator is missing after extracting from PSTBug
EMAILNET-39196Getting NulReferenceException while converting EML messages into MapiMessageBug
EMAILJAVA-34458ForwardMessageBuilder adds only display name in message bodyBug
EMAILNET-39206Format-Issue in Converting to MHTML and HTMLBug
EMAILJAVA-34457Failed to Set LicenseBug

Added APIs

Field/Enum KnownPropertyList.GDATA_CONTACT_VERSION Field/Enum KnownPropertyList.GDATA_PHOTO_VERSION Property Appointment.getCreatedDate, setCreatedDate Property Appointment.getLastModifiedDate, setLastModifiedDate Property IcsSaveOptions.getProductId, setProductId Property MsgLoadOptions.getDecodeClearSignedContent, setDecodeClearSignedContent

Removed APIs