Aspose.Email for Android via Java 18.5 Release Notes

Major Improvements

  • Writing Multiple Events to ICS file
  • Setting Calendar body to HTML

All Changes

EMAILNET-38789Write multiple events to ICS fileNew Feature
EMAILNET-38982Calendar body can’t be set as HTML supported with Outlook 2016?Enhancement
EMAILNET-38947Extra Unknown attendee added in the attendees listBug
EMAILJAVA-34364Message extracted from PST takes long to saveBug
EMAILNET-38966MapiMessage.BodyType shows Html always for ASCII formatted messagesBug
EMAILNET-38970Incorrect file name attached with EMLBug
EMAILNET-38971TimzoneDescription property is set to UTC-5Bug
EMAILNET-38984Bmp recognized as JPEGBug
EMAILJAVA-34371The strange attachment occurs in the email messageBug
EMAILJAVA-34370An exception raises while loading Mapi messageBug
EMAILJAVA-34374The email subject title is incorrectly encoded after adding to the PST fileBug
EMAILNET-38980Html to EML raises exceptionBug

Added APIs

Class CalendarWriter Method CalendarWriter.#ctor(Stream) Method CalendarWriter.#ctor(Stream, IcsSaveOptions) Method CalendarWriter.#ctor(String) Method CalendarWriter.#ctor(String, IcsSaveOptions) Method CalendarWriter.dispose Method CalendarWriter.write(Appointment)

Property Appointment.getMethodType, setMethodType

Property IcsSaveOptions.getAction, setAction Property IcsSaveOptions.getCreateNew, setCreateNew Property IcsSaveOptions.getEndTimeZone, setEndTimeZone Property IcsSaveOptions.getMethodType, setMethodType Property IcsSaveOptions.getSequenceId, setSequenceId Property IcsSaveOptions.getStartTimeZone, setStartTimeZone

Class MapiTaskPriority Field/Enum MapiTaskPriority.High Field/Enum MapiTaskPriority.Low Field/Enum MapiTaskPriority.Normal

Field/Enum MapiPropertyTag.PR_RECIPIENT_FLAGS