Aspose.Email for Android via Java 18.9 Release Notes

Major Changes

EMAILNET-39091Issues with converting meeting requests to MHTMLBug
EMAILNET-39081Multiple issues with MapiContact modificationBug
EMAILNET-39094Date header returns wrong date when read from some MSG filesBug
EMAILNET-39096Loading FileStream in MailMessage is taking a long timeBug
EMAILNET-39098Setting MhtSaveOptions.SaveAttachments to “false” removes attachment names from the generated MHTMLBug
EMAILNET-39099Organizer cannot accept the time proposed by attendeeBug
EMAILNET-39100Attachment corrupted when converting PST to MSG using PersonalStorage.SaveMessageToStreamBug
EMAILJAVA-34415The email attachment name becomes blank in MHTML outputBug
EMAILJAVA-34418The subject isn’t properly normalized after loading EML messageBug
EMAILJAVA-34423Email sent using MailMessage configured .msg is missing Text Formatting and missing Images from body of the emailBug
EMAILJAVA-34421The retrieved delivery time isn’t correctBug
EMAILNET-39118Text Missing While Using mapiMessage.ToMailMessage APIBug
EMAILNET-39120Email to MHTML to PNG fails with the latest version - Infinite Loop ErrorBug
EMAILNET-39123The Mapi message isn’t properly saved to MSG formatBug
EMAILJAVA-34424Why OutputStream is used instead of InputStream in Client.Forward() while forwarding email using SMTP. 
EMAILJAVA-34344FIPs Compliant version of Bouncy Castle usage in APIs 

Using Aspose.Email for Java with any BouncyCastle Provider

We have rewritten algorithms, so now Aspose.Email for Java can be used safely without any dependency from Bouncy Castle library. Please note - classes for working with X509 certificates still required Bouncy Castle as a crypto provider and will throw CryptographicException if BC not found.

a) Use Bouncy Castle cryptography APIs. You should add following reference:

  1. Provider -
  3. Add BouncyCastleProvider to java security:

 Security.addProvider(new BouncyCastleProvider());

b) Use FIPS version of Bouncy Castle cryptography APIs. You should add following reference:

  1. Provider -
  3. Add BouncyCastleFipsProvider to java security:

 Security.addProvider(new BouncyCastleFipsProvider());

c) Add both version of BC to classpath or do not add anything.

Added APIs


Removed APIs