Aspose.Email for Android via Java 19.4 Release Notes

Major Changes

  • Support for creating ICF and VCF version 3.0 files

All Changes

EMAILJAVA-34491Support for creating ICF and VCF version 3.0 filesNew Feature
EMAILNET-35124Option to write vCard files with S/MIME certificate in PEM formatEnhancement
EMAILJAVA-34522Support for Russian Culture Name: en-RUEnhancement
EMAILJAVA-34394Provision to set localesEnhancement
EMAILJAVA-34519FormatException when passing dot-comma to “To” headerBug
EMAILNET-39440HTML body is lost when MapiMessage.SaveAsTnef is usedBug
EMAILNET-39445HTML body lost when saving EML to EMLBug
EMAILNET-39446ICS file giving exceptionBug
EMAILJAVA-34520Argument Exception while reading the OLM file.Bug
EMAILNET-39424Issue while reading clear signed embedded message with MapiMessage from PST fileBug
EMAILNET-39447MailMessage.Bcc field displayed to other recipients when after elm save and loadBug
EMAILNET-39451Exception on loading MSGBug
EMAILNET-39431Empty body text in converted mailBug
EMAILNET-39430MapiMessage.BodyHtml missing bulleted listBug
EMAILNET-39427MapiMessage.BodyHtml contains “shapetype” for calendar entries with imagesBug
EMAILJAVA-34521ArgumentNullException on converting EML to EMLXBug
EMAILNET-39452The updated date in the header is not preserved in MHT outputBug
EMAILNET-39428Error converting EML to PDFBug
EMAILNET-39448Missing attachment when converting EML to MSGBug
EMAILNET-38971TimzoneDescription property is set to UTC-5Bug
EMAILNET-39449PST Extraction Hangs When Message Has ‘Dead’ LinksBug
EMAILNET-39450Exception on PST ExtractionBug

Added APIs

Field/Enum VCardVersion.V30 Method VCardSecurity.saveToPEM(OutputStream) Method VCardSecurity.saveToPEM(String) Property AsposeException.getErrorDetails Property VCardSecurity.getEncoding, setEncoding

Removed APIs

No Changes