Aspose.Email for Android via Java 19.7 Release Notes

All Changes

EMAILNET-39516Count item in OLM folderNew Feature
EMAILNET-39499Support for document conversion progressNew Feature
EMAILNET-39524Get emails from ZimbraNew Feature
EMAILNET-39453Obtaining the list of custom folders created by userNew Feature
EMAILJAVA-34497Support for getting folder path in OLM fileNew Feature
EMAILJAVA-34528Corrupt PST file is not throwing an error in Aspose EmailEnhancement
EMAILNET-39519API hangs while converting MSG to MHTMLBug
EMAILJAVA-34563Formatting issue in MSG to MHT conversionBug
EMAILNET-39514Message item having ICS file as attachment being incorrectly recognized as appointmentBug
EMAILNET-39520HtmlBodyText returns tag values that are not displayed in the emailBug
EMAILNET-39525Attachment ‘unavailable’ on iPhone 6, iPhone XR, and others (Mail 19.6)Bug
EMAILNET-39512Argument Exception while reading EML fileBug
EMAILNET-39529MapiMessage.IsMsgFormat() throws an exceptionBug
EMAILNET-39530An exception is thrown when extracting a message from PST to streamBug
EMAILNET-39523MailMessage.Body method gives incorrect output for mail headersBug
EMAILJAVA-34539Exception on Mapi messageBug
EMAILJAVA-34550Cannot add outlook item as an embedded attachment in MapiTaskBug
EMAILJAVA-34492Exception on creating PST folderBug
EMAILNET-39495System.NotSupportedException when parsing MSG fileBug
EMAILNET-39472The new line character is missing in output MHT filesBug
EMAILNET-39510Exception on loading EML fileBug
EMAILNET-39496Argument Exception while reading OLM fileBug
EMAILNET-39497Exception on converting EML to PSTBug
EMAILNET-39424Bug reading from a PST file a MapiMessage that has an embedded message that is clear signedBug
EMAILNET-39292Missing RTF imagesBug
EMAILNET-39238Exception while loading partial EMLXBug
EMAILNET-39502Exception on converting MSG to MHTMLBug
EMAILNET-39487Exception on extracting messages from PSTBug
EMAILNET-39504HtmlBodyText returns malformed URL textBug
EMAILNET-39503After saving an EML file twice, the second output has an issueBug
EMAILNET-39479Failed to read messages from MBOX fileBug
EMAILNET-39480MSG to EML conversion issueBug
EMAILNET-39508Exception on loading EML fileBug
EMAILJAVA-34547NotSupportedException on reading BodyTypeBug
EMAILJAVA-34546Issues Parsing Email With Korean Autodetect CodepageBug
EMAILJAVA-34535Exception on adding subfolders for PSTBug
EMAILNET-39457HtmlBodyText skipped text enclosed in
 HTML tag
EMAILJAVA-34531 Exception on converting MSG to PST Bug
EMAILNET-39460 Aspose.Email showing extra attachments in Attachment collection Bug
EMAILNET-39473 Excel Web Archive file is not recognized as MHTML Bug
EMAILNET-39476 Exception on loading file Bug
EMAILNET-39462 Signing email with DKIM has an issue when opened in Gmail Bug
EMAILNET-39465 Incorrect character encoding for email metadata Bug
EMAILNET-39467 After converting .msg to .mht additional RTF formatting characters appear Bug
EMAILJAVA-34308 Appointment Properties lost while added to PST Bug
EMAILJAVA-34532 Unable to import the generated PST in Outlook 2013 Bug
EMAILJAVA-34530 Exception when converting PST to EML Bug
EMAILJAVA-34527 Attachment returns not “rewinded” stream for content Bug

Added APIs

Type Name
Class    ConversionProgressEventHandler
Class    ProgressEventHandlerInfo
Class    ProgressEventType
Class    TgzReader
Field/Enum    ProgressEventType.MimePartSaved
Field/Enum    ProgressEventType.MimeStructureCreated
Field/Enum    ProgressEventType.SavedToStream
Method    MapiMessage.addCustomProperty(/MapiPropertyType/int,byte[],String)
Method    MapiMessage.getCustomProperties
Method    ProgressEventHandlerInfo.#ctor
Method    TgzReader.#ctor(String)
Method    TgzReader.dispose
Method    TgzReader.exportTo(String)
Method    TgzReader.readNextMessage
Property    MapiConversionOptions.getCustomProgressHandler,
Property    ProgressEventHandlerInfo.getEventType,
Property    ProgressEventHandlerInfo.getSavedMimePartCount,
Property    ProgressEventHandlerInfo.getTotalMimePartCount,
Property    SaveOptions.getCustomProgressHandler,
Property    OlmFolder.getMessageCount
Property    TgzReader.getCurrentDirectory
Property    TgzReader.getCurrentMessage
Method    MailMessage.getHtmlBodyText(boolean)
Field/Enum    FileFormatType.Mht
Field/Enum    StandardIpmFolder.JunkEmail
Field/Enum    StandardIpmFolder.SyncIssues
Property    OlmFolder.getPath
Property    PersonalStorageQueryBuilder.getOnlyFoldersCreatedByUser

Removed APIs

No Changes