Aspose.Email for CPP 22.7 Release Notes

Aspose.Email for C++ 22.7 is based on Aspose.Email for .NET 22.6.

Aspose.Email for C++ does not support yet asyncronic features of e-mail protocols

New Enhancements

Extracting calendar item from PST and save as ICS with original timestamp.

Changes in public API:

MapiCalendarIcsSaveOptions - Allows to specify additional options when saving MapiCalendar to Ics format. MapiCalendarIcsSaveOptions.KeepOriginalDateTimeStamp - Allows keep original DateTimeStamp value in output file.

Code samples:

auto cal = System::DynamicCast<Aspose::Email::Mapi::MapiCalendar>(pst->ExtractMessage(messageInfo)->ToMapiMessageItem());

if (cal)
  auto options = System::MakeObject<MapiCalendarMsgSaveOptions>();

  cal->Save(u"cal.ics", options);

The full code of the examples can be found at Aspose Email for C++ GitHub examples repository.