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Aspose.Email for CPP 23.2 Release Notes

Aspose.Email for C++ 23.2 is based on Aspose.Email for .NET 23.1.

Aspose.Email for C++ does not support asyncronic features of e-mail protocols

New Features

Retrieving message properties from MboxMessageInfo

We have added the following properties to MboxMessageInfo class:

  • DateTime MboxMessageInfo::get_Date() - Gets the date of message
  • MboxMessageInfo::get_From() - Gets the from address
  • MboxMessageInfo::get_Subject() - Gets the message subject
  • MboxMessageInfo::get_To() - Gets the address collection that contains the recipients of message
  • MboxMessageInfo::get_CC() - Gets the address collection that contains CC recipients
  • MboxMessageInfo::get_Bcc() - Gets the address collection that contains BCC recipients of message

Code sample

MboxStorageReader reader = MboxStorageReader.CreateReader(fileName, new MboxLoadOptions());
auto reader = MboxStorageReader::CreateReader(fileName, System::CreateObject<MboxLoadOptions>());

for (auto mboxMessageInfo : IterateOver(reader->EnumerateMessageInfo()))
    Console::Writeline(u"Subject:", mboxMessageInfo->get_Subject());
    Console::Writeline(u"Date:", mboxMessageInfo->get_Date());
    Console::Writeline(u"From:", mboxMessageInfo->get_From());
    Console::Writeline(u"To:", mboxMessageInfo->get_To());
    Console::Writeline(u"CC:", mboxMessageInfo->get_CC());
    Console::Writeline(u"Bcc:", mboxMessageInfo->get_Bcc());

The full code of the examples can be found at Aspose Email for C++ GitHub examples repository.