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Aspose.Email for Java 18.2 Release Notes

Major Features

Features and Improvements

EMAILNET-38918Metered license implementationNew Feature
EMAILNET-38870Calendar organizer is not set in the appointmentBug
EMAILJAVA-34328Property can’t be set for MapiCalendarBug
EMAILNET-38885Error while retrieving MailMessage.HtmlBodyTextBug
EMAILNET-38899Reading voting button response from MSG throws exceptionBug
EMAILNET-38902Extra tab character not trimmed while reading MessageId from fetched messageBug
EMAILNET-38904url attachment in ics file is not recognizedBug
EMAILNET-38907Creating MAPI contact for Outlook is not displaying Email address in the search contact listBug
EMAILNET-38908Bullets replaced with ‘?’ while creating MSG from htmlBug
EMAILNET-38909Attachment not detected now which was detected earlier in older versionsBug
EMAILNET-38910Appointment.GetAppointmentHtml() returns html body without formatting and additional textBug
EMAILNET-38911PDF attachment not available in EML using Aspose.EmailBug
EMAILNET-38912Issue when converting MapiMessage to MIMEBug
EMAILNET-38913Html Bod saved as attachment while loading and saving EMLBug
EMAILNET-38915Attachement.ContentDisposition.FileName not set while creating attachmentBug
EMAILNET-38916Aspose.Email is not showing email body of a mail message in .msg fileBug
EMAILNET-38901SmtpClient.Send raises exception while TLS1.2 is enabledBug
EMAILJAVA-34341Exception while adding EML to PSTBug

Added APIs

Class Metered Method Metered.#ctor Method Metered.getConsumptionQuantity Method Metered.setMeteredKey(String,String)

Removed APIs

Method PropertyDescriptor.getHashCode