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Aspose.Email for Java 18.3 Release Notes

Major Changes

Features and Improvements

EMAILNET-38931Provision to set PARTSTAT property of ICSEnhancement
EMAILNET-38879ImapClient StartMonitoring consumes large processor usageBug
EMAILNET-38906ImapClient.SelectFolder takes longer than older version of APIBug
EMAILNET-38917HTML formatting lost while setting html description of an appointmentBug
EMAILJAVA-34345 Exchange events notification functionality is brokenBug
EMAILNET-38923Property attachment name cannot be setBug
EMAILNET-38924EML to MHT generates garbled charactersBug
EMAILNET-38928ContentType.Name returned null for embedded bitmapBug
EMAILNET-38929Regression: EML to MSG: Resultant MSG file doesn’t open in OutlookBug
EMAILNET-38930PDF attachment in EML is not detected properlyBug
EMAILNET-38932Duplicate headers in the resultant EML while converting MapiMessage to decrypted MimeBug
EMAILNET-38934Address and DisplayName for To field not displayed correctlyBug
EMAILNET-38864SMTP Email getting failed while connected with VPNBug
EMAILNET-38925An exception raises while opening EML messageBug
EMAILNET-38927EWSClient.FetchMapiMessage raises exceptionBug
EMAILJAVA-34352System.format exception for MapiMessage.FromMailMEssageBug

Added APIs

Class ParticipationStatus Field/Enum ParticipationStatus.Accepted Field/Enum ParticipationStatus.Declined Field/Enum ParticipationStatus.Delegated Field/Enum ParticipationStatus.NeedsAction Field/Enum ParticipationStatus.Tentative Method Attachment.#ctor(URI, String, String) Method RecurrencePattern.to_RecurrencePattern(String) Method RecurrencePattern.toString Property Attachment.isUri Property MailAddress.getParticipationStatus, setParticipationStatus