Aspose.Email for Java 19.2 Release Notes

Major Changes

  • Create and Manage In-Place Archive in Office 365


EMAILNET-39205Create and Manage In-Place Archive in Office 365New Feature
EMAILNET-39265Working with TNEF and VCardBug
EMAILJAVA-34490Adding EML with email addresses in other languages to PST changes those addresses to question marksBug
EMAILNET-39278The cloned messages are not identical to the original messageBug
EMAILNET-39168Email To PDF conversion adds styles to the top of the documentBug
EMAILNET-39264Extract and Saving Messages Directly from PST to StreamBug
EMAILNET-39267Unable to manually create a new folder via Outlook for a PST generated by Aspose.EmailBug
EMAILNET-39276VCARD deserialization does not fetch all emailsBug
EMAILNET-39281Contact list as attachment ruined after load and saveBug
EMAILNET-39286ICS with HTML description not renderedBug
EMAILNET-39288Error with accented characters when converting MSG to MHTBug
EMAILNET-39291Saving the message as HTML without body and HTML tag while receiving emails from GmailBug

Added APIs

Method IEWSClient.archiveItem(String, Appointment) Method IEWSClient.archiveItem(String, ExchangeTask) Method IEWSClient.archiveItem(String, MapiMessageItemBase) Method IEWSClient.archiveItem(String, String) Method ImapClient.beginListMessages(IConnection, int) Method ImapClient.beginListMessages(IConnection, int, AsyncCallback) Method ImapClient.beginListMessages(IConnection, int, AsyncCallback, Object) Method Pop3Client.listMessages(IConnection) Method Pop3Client.listMessages(IConnection, /Pop3ListFields/int) Method Pop3Client.listMessages(IConnection, MailQuery) Method Pop3Client.listMessages(IConnection, boolean) Method Pop3Client.listMessages(/Pop3ListFields/int, boolean, MailQuery)