Aspose.Email for Java 19.8 Release Notes

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EMAILNET-39192Provide support for the Notes Storage Facility (NSF) database fileNew Feature
EMAILNET-39532Migrate appointments to office 365Enhancement
EMAILNET-39544Skype Appointment/Call not supportedEnhancement
EMAILNET-39533The problem occurs when extracting HtmlBodyText propertyBug
EMAILNET-39518Convert the client object into the client object of the impersonated user.Bug
EMAILNET-39542The message is not signed for a Domain keyBug
EMAILNET-39548The hyperlink is converted as a black boxBug
EMAILNET-39550MSG to EML conversion problemBug
EMAILNET-39551MapiRecipientType.MAPI_SUBMITTED removed in Aspose.EmailBug
EMAILNET-39515Unhandled exception in SMTP when multiple threads are used.Bug
EMAILNET-39540Use an OFT for several appointmentsBug

Added APIs

Class    NotesStorageFacility Field/Enum    MapiRecipientType.MAPI_SUBMITTED Method    IEWSClient.createAppointment(MapiCalendar,String,boolean) Method    NotesStorageFacility.#ctor(InputStream) Method    NotesStorageFacility.#ctor(String) Method    NotesStorageFacility.dispose Method    NotesStorageFacility.dispose(boolean) Method    NotesStorageFacility.enumerateMessages

Removed APIs

No Changes