Aspose.Email for Java 20.11 Release Notes

All Changes

EMAILJAVA-34764IEWSClient SortOrder supportFeature
EMAILJAVA-34763MSG to MHTML results in output with no bodyEnhancement
EMAILNET-39976EML file has incorrect attachments count, attachments not rendered to MTHMLBug
EMAILNET-39963GetHtmlBodyText does not honor CSS stylesBug
EMAILJAVA-34758Setting MapiTask category doesn’t workBug
EMAILNET-39960Add MSG to PST Exception. “An element with the same key already exists”Bug
EMAILNET-39975Item category in PST does not work doesn’t workBug
EMAILNET-39965“Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow” exception when enumerating messages in licensed modeBug
EMAILNET-39969GetContents(start, count) throws exception for some starting offsetsBug
EMAILJAVA-34753FileCorruptedException on loading MSG fileBug

New features

Retrieve Exchange items with an ascending/descending order sorting

We’ve added sorting feature to MailQueryBuilder

The following API has been added:

  • ComparisonField.orderBy(boolean ascending) - sets the value which indicates if the client uses ascending or descending sorting on the search field.

Code sample:

MailQueryBuilder builder = new MailQueryBuilder();
builder.getSubject().orderBy(true); // sort the subject ascending
builder.getInternalDate().orderBy(false); // sort the date descending  

ExchangeMessageInfoCollection miColl = client.listMessages(client.getMailboxInfo().getInboxUri(), builder.getQuery());